Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: a year in review

i realized i've done more than i thought this year
so in copying my friend, smash,
here is my year in review:
started off the new year in seattle
celebrating with spencer

later in the month i got to see my cuz, lindsey, marry micah
cute couple! later in the month taylor and i tried to do
a covered bridge bike tour

we saw the first one...
we started with
and didn't anticipate such big hills with our mtn bikes on the road

my beloved holly came to visit
(i hate this picture but she looks so darling!)

i discovered bagby hot springs
after a 12 miles snowshoe hike
a bit longer than expected
but it warmed my heart to oregon


my dear friend levi came to visit
with his mom
we drove as close as we could to mt st helen's
we got to chill his distance relative's "cabin"
that was nicer than any home i've lived in


i was able to be in vegas for my gpa's birthday

and go see DMB with
two of his other largest fans hilary and katrina
(sorry no pics)

then for memorial day
jose n' analee drove to come visit!


the favorite came to visit
wedding dress shopping ensued
and my nice friend, dave, took us sea kayaking
and we saw seals with their babies my great old friend, steph, from high school
came to visit from the valleyi ran my first
and possibly LAST marathon
by myself in seattle
the rock-n-roll marathon music tunes
helped me while missing danielleJULY
i saw crater lake for my first time with bob
we had a family reunion in utah
my family was all grateful
we currently only have adults in our family
and didn't have to go on rides
we didn't really want to go on
and were able to relax up at the bird
jaimie took out her endowments at the jordan river templea special time with the fam
on my personal religious "must do" checklist
shot the tube with fun friends


hiked south sister
made new friends
i could officially be a "mazama"
if i felt like paying the fees

jaimie and wolfgang got married

new families combine!karen and i head to europe for the open house
and some traveling along the wayi fell in love with venice
and gimmelwald and switzerland


danielle, fart pipe and holli came to visit
we started the weekend off by seeing
mason jennings in eugene
with sarah and taylor
mason is dreamy looking but a very mellow music man
and not much of an entertainer
slept on the beach and didn't get caught!

had a killer "undead" party
with brian king
never dressed so scary/zombie-ish in my life


i turned 30.
i don't want to talk about it.
my family in vegas made it special
despite my ill thoughts towards
the new decade of my life


saw swell season in concert
sang along
loved every minute
saw brett dennen and got first kissed on the concert floor
loved it.
Christmas in AZ
was shared with bassie
and daniellehad yummy cheesy fondue
that we all enjoyed
and the whole family (including the brunners)
were all in attendance
had a superb time!
cheers to 2009
bring the joy 2010!