Monday, March 31, 2008

a swell easter weekend

all one would need...full moon... telescope
fun friends

car camping with delicious food


crack canyon fun...

exploring of radioactive old mines

church in green river and coloring of probably pagan eggs in goblin valley

and the warmth of the sun...honestly who needs more?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

my own addiction

oh hi, i'm back
so i've neglected blogging for months.
i could say it's because of work, my last semester at grad school, my practicum, but really it's because of my addiction to clint.
for those of you that know me well
on average...i date someone for a good 3 months...
then either i brake up with them or they brake up with me
so i'm here to report i've made it over the barricade and am pretty crazy about the guy.

clint celebrated his birthday last week and maybe he was amazed that i made it
to the 3 months too...
who knows what he's wishing for here. you never i'm here to report why i'm addicted to him.

there's quite a few reasons but to name a few...
he likes to go on adventures with me...
these are pics from our trip during the holiday season to the baja
he rides mountain bikes in the random canyons in mexico with me
in hope to find hot springs...which we did find!
he'll four wheel drive civi where others think the ol' girl with 210K miles shouldn't go...he surfed with me on new year's evehe's kind to animals...
and now even gets me to buy cage free eggs (which are ridiculously expensive)
i even think he's adorable when he's being ripped off by the vendors
you know they got you good when they're fine with dressing up with you for a picture and let you go upstairs to pick the exact sombrero you want. :)

he's extremely patient with me
from leaving my wallet to talking for a
good hours to a random old man living in a shack
that we find reading el libro de mormon on our way to the beach

he's also extremely observant to me and others, kind, thoughful, honest, has passion for things in life, community minded... and did i mention extremely good looking?

anyways...all i can say is that despite the madness of my life

i think i'm addicted to something pretty dang great

(more blogging to follow)