Monday, June 29, 2009

made it!

Gun Time: 4:51:25 Net Time: 4:37:10
so i want to go with net time...
since we started in waves
i think that means i got the net time right?
either way i finished and was happy with the run
so if you go to this website:
you can put in my bib # 9079 and see me come in...
pretty cool
i'm the second one in blue
i have brown hair not blonde hair
in case you forgot
seattle was beautiful!
the course was gorgeous
we ran past a stunning lake on a tree lined road
we went through residential areas
where local middle/high school, girl scouts or whoever
cheered for us
when there wasn't a band
people were cranking michael jackson
we crossed bridges
saw mercer island
saw mt. rainier
went through 2 tunnels
went near the sound
and finished downtown
it was pretty amazing
but i think it may be my only one
yes i'm still sore
yes i hate the stairs in my house
yes i got burnt to a crisp...
(who thinks of sunblock at 4:30 a.m.?)
yes i had a dumb smoking room the night before my race
(priceline doesn't always work out perfect)
yes i still like running...but
yes i'm ready for my mountain bike this weekend
if i can walk normal by then

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ode' to you birthday girl!

never a dull moment

wish i was there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

a slightly colder coast to the favorite

so my friend, dave, was kind enough to let the favorite and i go sea kayakingto those who may or may not know,
the favorite was a prior marine biology major
so it only seemed appropriate
to reconnect her near where "free willy" was housedwe saw some seals that were curious of us
(can you see it's head bobbing?)
and stayed far enough away from the momma and babydave's brother with a fish he caught... impressiveme posing
brother shot... chacos ready for all occasions...
even with a wet suit on
we loved this sign!
and where there is crab, you're going to find
a member of our family nearby and happy
but the fresh crab we got after the restaurant was much better.
we're just not patient enough
and we didn't have bibs like this

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

remembering her past and realizing her future...

so last wednesday was devoted to
taking the favorite to where her roots are
where she was born,
where we used to live, etc.
(these pictures are more for the enjoyment of family members
to remember what our place used to look like)

we found where our "used to be" green small house was
still same great location
just added on quite a lot since...hmm...20+ years ago
the woman we met bought the now 3 bed home
last year for 325K
which was a steal of a deal...

the old green rental had no porch
and when i drove through in 2000 w/pete
was not this size

this is the look of the backyard to the river
it was gorgeous!
the yard is the resting place of some of my own "my little ponies"
that i got in major trouble for burying them
so we were poor...
i didn't think that while they were "digging tunnels"
they'd actually get lost
i remember my mother being upset with a shovel
trying to find my ponies
r.i.p. pegasus & seashell
that lil' island is where i would bring my snoopy push button fishing pole
i was more of a good fisherwoman back then
i put my own bait and cleaned my own fish
not to be done anymore...
i feel sorry for the fishies!
the bridge here was built by the kind couple that lives there now
water is rough here and is loud but soothing
after a few more stops by blue river

we also went to the nearby hot springs...
waterfall near the trailhead
so i thought there wouldn't be any people around 5-6 p.m.
on a wednesday evening...
the favorite then experienced the second part of the trip
realization of the future
so there were at least 4 naked men and one lil hippy woman
the favorite asked what was up with the crystal on her head
who knows... chanting to mother earth?
there was a rainbow out on our way back
definately the loudest naked peeps i've met
but nice
but just like my mother says...
"i'd be nicer too if i was doing dope all the time"
we may or may have not seen that too...
the favorite hiking back towards the car
then onto eugene where i also introduced her to other future events
not only seeing a naked man
but preparing herself for marriagehood
this is what big sisters are supposed to do right?
prepare (maybe not so literally with the naked men) your sister for the future
and get her some things to be excited for her wedding night
or first year of marriage

Monday, June 15, 2009

never too late

so hours before your flight where are you?
probably not here like jaimie was...

i just had to get the hike in before she went

it was quick...
we booked it in, and boogied out of there...
but she saw it...
and made her flight
more posts to come on "the favorite's" visit...
stay tuned