Sunday, September 28, 2008

do you want to go to the seaside?

now imagine that with a british accent and go put an ear to the kooks song. but it's been buzzing in my head the whole time i've been here on the coast. if i was smart i would have brought that extension plug that hooks to my camera to a computer. instead it was what to/not to wear to my interview and trip to the rogue river.

all i have to say is oregon is fabulous! the river was magnificent. class I-VI rapids, warm weather, no mosquitoes, no bears in my camp wanting to play with me like i was a human ball because they sniffed me out because i religiously put chapstick on (especially at night). the longest amount of flat water we had to paddle was 2 miles! my new and old acquaintances turned into friends and now i have another great memory to enchant my head.

i'm currently in yachats staying with dear friends of my family. tomorrow after grubbing some REAL seafood i'm heading to corvallis then north to portland before my take off tuesday morning heading back to the S-L-C. i felt good about the interview on friday and even got a positive compliment about the witch shoes. pain and sacrifice does equal some reward :)

on the coast i feel like watching the waves for hours, reading a book about the seas, holding hands, having a dog and playing frisbee with it for hours, playing with kids in the sand and making sandcastles, or just feeling the breeze blow my hair any way it desires. i feel like superwoman running here, which i've only done once but that whole sea level thing really leaves me breathing easily when there's not much humidity involved. bob and judy are wonderful, i enjoy watching them together and they even played a lil teeter totter on a long log they found. we successfully found some starfish munching on mussels arrayed in colors of purple and orange. i wish my parents were here to enjoy them.

so only a few more hours to pick slightly salted blackberries from the air. pictures and more detailed reports to come. my laptop is waiting for me fixed (for free after a slight plea of an extension of warranty from toshiba) in utah. life is good.

Friday, September 19, 2008

heading west

northwest that is. we'll the wagons are packed and we head to oregon tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. rafting then an interview. eyes are tired, and sleep is on it's way. exciting posts to come after the journey

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

running with strangers

so yesterday my cute neighbor lady was outside of her house with her daughter when she said my name and motioned me over. with my coke in hand, a bad habit i seem to come back on drinking more frequently when i'm home, i walked across the street. we chatted a bit, introduced me to her daughter from LA visiting and then she mentioned that she sees me running and asked if i went daily, which i have been lately. She then said her daughter ran and as i skimmed her over i noticed her skinny toned early 40s body that looked better than mine probably when i was in tip top shape in cross country when i was 15. i knew i was in for it then and there. of course like a good neighbor i offered to have her come with me the next morning (a.k.a today) and tried to forget about the pain i'd have to suffer from her more in-shape body than mine.

so today we went she had her fancy ipod running thing that attaches to your shoe you can program how far you want to run and it tells you how far you're running along the way. (i just heard about this a few weeks ago on account that i haven't had cable for the past 10 years.) i normally go about 3 miles at home and luckily for me the altitude difference was in my favor since she's from LA but she runs 5.5 miles daily. early off the pace was o.k. but then as what normally happens i slow, especially today b/c it was a faster pace then i've been used to since being at home. here i leisurely run around the desert admire the landscape and am in my thoughts most of the time so it's been enjoyable. so let's just say she was rooting me on by the end and i was trying to kindly have her just finish at the pace i knew she wanted to but being "kind" in the running partner sense, she stayed with me. so the nice part with running with people you know you can say, i'm having a slow day go ahead, and they do and you're fine about it or you can say i need you to keep me on pace, if that's what you really want. running with new friends isn't the same they have a strange loyalty that is not needed at times. any way, shape or form, i made it home and am glad she didn't say i'll see you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

church nursery=birth control sabbath

actually surprising enough it was the calmest 2 hours of nursery i've ever experienced. thus there was only 7 kids and i was back-up for the subsitute teacher but it went amazing well. i remember being asked to substitute in the past and leaving thinking i'd never have children, EVER, so maybe it's a grace of God, or a sweet mercy from Jesus but whichever i'm grateful that i made it through today.
other church recap is i love being confused with my little sister. we're 7 years apart and i think yes we look alike but not that alike, she looks more asian.two older men, bless their hearts, gave me a hug at church man #1 asked if i was ready to go back to school and i informed him that actually my younger sister went back to school and that i had actually just completed my masters and am in the process of interviewing for jobs. he was a little flustered and confused but made the correction by stating that now it was the pressure of putting all that info to work. i felt like saying... actually i've been in the "real world" before and had a "real" job and was even a supervisor so i've actually been there and am just returning again, but i just smiled.

man #2 also got me confused with "the favorite" and asked when i was getting married. (more confusion becasue my lil' sis's boyfriend flew from hawaii and was there one week in church, so he obviously thought i was her or he's completely rude, which i doubt.) i told him no, i wasn't getting married but informed him that i was looking for a good one and then i'd make the plung.
my time is ticking here at home, good thing it's my last sunday here, i'm heading north starting this week.

Friday, September 12, 2008

baby sitting

see here... he a sittin' and dang cute he is too. today bryson and i had a date and we had a good time together other than me messing up the normalcy of his schedule, but it all worked out he ate, drank, slept, went to the bathroom, and cried (very little, because i kick butt at this baby stuff for at least 1/2 a day).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

music to my ears

i have to thank my friend smash for the great posts about her concern over politics. are they sided, yes but there's truth there as well. it's been a hard week or so living in a republican home. i've listened to republican convention over days last week and even when i'd escape the house when i couldn't take it anymore... the next house had it on. unfortunately i was in a place where i didn't watch the democrats convention, out of respect to friends of the family and extended family members, so... there was probably things that i would have disagreed with their speeches but it's been a breath of fresh air to hear concerns that i also feel.

kindness & highspeed

so my kind family and friends have had pity/sympathy on me and have been allowing me to come over and use their computer, even when they're out of town. plain kind. so yesterday i was at my cousin mandy's for hours and now lois and mike gave me a key and free reign on their garden and computer with high speed internet while their gone.

updated news: i had no idea people don't know about snopes. i was telling my friend, dezi, about it yesterday and she had no idea what snopes was and she's a freaking teacher with a masters degree. hmmm....

in new news: i just found out this morning that i get to go on the rogue river in oregonwith karen! I can't wait to enjoy some whitewater goodness around the 21st of this month. it's perfect timing b/c i have an interview there on the 26th. i'm really hoping for this job. it sounds up my alley and the people i spoke with are excited about their job and the potential for growth and progress. it's music to my ears to have someone truly excited to their job. i'm hoping the soon to be hemmed suit, witch shoes, and me inside all of those things will go well as i meet them. my first interview was over the phone and those are just plain hard, i was nervous and i forgot all the witty things i was going to say and they didn't even know i was wearing my interview shoes the WHOLE time during the interview. if they only knew. wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bless his heart

so i get a call this morning from my father saying, he got a really interesting email from a relative at work. i asked what it was about and he said money. my first thought was did he owe someone money? (which made very little sense with this relative and my father in general doesn't really do that) but then he said no in getting money. i told him to proceed and he went on about Bill Gates wanting to do a survey and you'll get $200 and something per email, you know you've gotten something like this before, and perhaps this same one a couple of years ago. who knows! all i do know is easy money doesn't fall from the sky and i doubt from fwding emails. i asked my dad if he had checked on snopes and that was a foreign word to him. never a good sign so i explained that it's was probably a scam or had a virus attached or if they can't space his name right... see below... probably not going to happen.
Dear Friends: Please do not take this for a junk letter.
Bill Gat es sharing his fortune. If you ignore this, You will repent
later .
i was surprised my father fell for this, bless his heart. i wish you could have heard the tone of his voice when i talked to him. at first i thought do we have some inheritance money on my father's side and then i remembered my antepasados were a bunch of drunk ranchers/cowboys that didn't even farm in the right spot. stories are told that they went to the wine country of cali and said ain't nothin' gunna grown there and so they returned to southern new mexico where they grew chili peppers and cotton and gained millions... or barely survived. anyways needless to say it was entertaining and my dad now knows about snopes. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


so i was a lil bitter beer faced about having to bring my father's kayaks home a few months ago but well now i'm grateful they're here for me to use on the lake. i've been mulitple times since i've been home and it's been pretty wonderful. i haven't branched out of going anywhere but antelope canyon but it's pristine and stunning every time. i can't go wrong. what's the saying... why change something that's not broken?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


so after calling back the people after having my laptop for 6 days (if you're in a family business i think holiday weekends are void) the man told me that i needed a new video chip and needed to send it in to toshiba. i felt like i clearly stated when i dropped off the laptop that i had some important things a.k.a. job application stuff that i needed pronto so i would have thought that that would impress someone who owned a business, family or not, to call me back and give me some updates, but no i called them today.
with this news i came into their business that was like a dirty home with kid stuff everywhere and just a plain mess, and i'm not a very tidy person mind you. so as i talked to the man i asked if maybe i could hook up a monitor to the back of the laptop and it would work o.k. he then informed me that no, he already tried that and that i have a motherboard problem that he hopes i have warranty for. that's not what i wanted to hear. luckily for me he informed me of what i needed to do and was helpful in person and only charged me $20 for a diagnosing fee. shoot i charged a lot more than that for diagnosing people in therapy during my practicum (free of any type of stipend or hourly wage from me... but don't worry the byu students got paid but the ute didn't...anyways whatever i think i'm over those 450 free hours of work) . so i was gracious of the little fee he charged but the word motherboard is never good.
i told my cousin and she reminded me that anything with the word mother in it or in front of it NEVER good. mothership, motherload, motherhen, mother... let you mind wander in other words associated... this is not good news. you don't mess with other peoples' mothers or mockin' their mothers either. now the joys include: one, i have to go search through receipts and warranty papers. two, i'm subject to dial up while i'm indefinably in page. three, i may lose everything and i haven't even had my laptop for hopefully less than two years and it's even consumer reported as the best buy. all i'm asking is for some resurrecting powers to happen. pray for my laptop, it's my first one ever.