Tuesday, August 31, 2010

busy day back

so 7 a.m. to get a ride down to salem
from my sweet used to be co-worker
got lost looking for my mechanic's home
took civi to honda dealership
was told to let a stereo place
look at it first
long story...
not to be told currently
car toyz,
stereo people fixed problem
for so much less than
honda dealership!
lunch with co-workers
laughing and laughing
active job seeking activities
dr. appointment
that ended here cut in foot that equals
testing to be done...
results in a week
very little walking for 48 hours
no running/hiking for 10-14 days
no hot tubs, swimming, baths

but i want to go white water rafting friday/saturday
i can bag my foot right? and hang it on the dry side of the boat...

help me out here...

Monday, August 30, 2010

new look?

what do you think?

owls are out-

i could go back to the orange that i had before

which i like..

but i think i out-smarted this template

because i couldn't handle the gross-looking

i love my blog makeover symbol that came with the template...

i erased it out of the programming...

i do love turquoise and orange...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

exit glacier

1.2 miles one way...
no problem for this crew!
another poor picture taken
by a tourist...
there's so much more glacier to see!

i wish i could've gone in there
but no touchie

Monday, August 16, 2010

glaciers... as promised

this is in the wrong direction
of how it happened
but i'm too lazy to put it right

cute picture
bad shot of glacier
they obviously haven't worked
next to the grand canyon sign
what do i hear?

a ginormous piece fell into the water!

yes we're cold... we have thin AZ blood!
we thought it was august!

one more glacier post to follow
exit glacier with aunt glenna!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

great to be back

after getting back friday night
after missing my flight
because i was a titch late
and everyone has a lot of baggage
leaving alaska
especially during salmon season
i fixed my flat tire
by having to buy 2 new tires
sat morning
then heading to the berry fields
to "u-pick"
i loved the sun
and perspired all day long
i loved it
happy to be back

Thursday, August 12, 2010

this ain't no sea world... this is REAL stuff

so my family went to sea world
without me
while i was sweating
everyday as a missionary for my church
with nylons on EVERY DAY
may i add
the favorite even swam with dolphins
while i sweat
so this goes out to the favorite
to remind her
it's not too late to
change you major back
to marine biology
cute sea otter...
check humpback whales

up close and personal seals

orcas too quick to snap a picture of
(who knew they were a porpoise?)
puffins (like the cereal!)
p.s they can dive 300 ft
too many seagulls
some bird that may be
the state bird or something?
biologist and ak lovers
please help here...
they can dive 600 ft
most impressive.
sea lions + babies
fin whales + golden eagle
at least i think it is
we saw others...
double check!
captain mark, ryan's friend
did a fabulous job on the
kenai fjords nw passage tour!
book today!
glacier pics to follow

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i think this is wittyso aunt glenna introduced me
to naming my worries
then tossing them into
the swift river
it's a jewish tradition/holiday
in september
that i can't remember the name...
this is the river i threw a portion
of my worries to
i felt better...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010


most of you
probably don't know
that in the wee years of my life
with a river in my backyard
we even had a lil island
that you could fish off
i believe it was a
white snoopy push button pole
that served me well
i later found out that
a fish hatchery dumped fish
into the river
which upped my odds
in catching
but i had no problem
putting bait
and cleaning fish
when i was a little girl
well times have changed
i don't like putting worms on hooks
because i feel bad
and i won't kill the fish
but new outfits
help the processno i'm not pregnant
and no one looks good in waders
then we moved from OR to AZ
where i had a lake 10 minutes from my house
needless to say
i heart water
and still wear a wave ring
that i got from with my sister 10 years
because i love water
back to fishing...
so last time i went fishing
was either in nebraska
with leslie
or making out with my high school boyfriend
when the fish weren't biting
i got here to alaska tuesday
and kaye and jared
were ready to boogie that night
to go camping
me and ty ty
jared and i fished the next day
and the day afterlook at my determined facecombat fishing
he's MUCH better than i'll ever be
so salmon are starting to run upstream
they're not crazy yet
but they're coming...
hopefully by the time my dad gets here
they'll be in full force

fishing results
day one
jared wondered
how many times
i could get my line snagged
o.k. actually
he was really patient
and i was the frustrated one
re-doing my line
with new flies
and weighs
i don't know how many times
day one count
jared: three
jessie: 0
kaye: saint of a mother
kaye just was so kind to just let me fish
she was awesome
entertaining the kids
as jared taught me
how to fish
day twoi was the net girl for awhile
and maybe lost 2 fish for people
in two daysi caught a dead fish carcass
day two count
jared: four
angie: two
malia curious about angie's fish
jessie: ONE!!!i was grossed
out just to hold
the fish this way
i'm a wimp
i know...kaye: special sainthood recognition
of a mother
malia: striking a posewatching her dad fillet the salmoncoloringgetting her dad to color with herhelping out with tyler
cute lil fishing family!
more adventures ahead!