Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ben jones beach house weekend

a pre-birthday retreat?
a returning visitor from the utah?
the view from the house
yes to all questions. oh let me clarify...
also the view from the large outdoor hot tub
you could hear the waves crashing.
happy breakfast makers
greg and kate!
half awake?
part of the crew:
lee, scott, elba, me, jenn, david,
russ, kirstin, ka
saturday lighthouse walk or bike ride...

i love these series of facial shots of riley
absurd story?
not sure.
sea hag restaurant = delicious clam chowder
i would venture to say the best on the coast
lee, david, riley, kate, scott
where these smiles are
something is going on
no comment on what
let's just say a full moon night
and not a lot of wind
jenn, lyndsey, chelsea, me
good times with friends!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

quite the man

my father's birthday was on the 19thand i'm late to posting
about such a great man in my lifealthough the favorite may have gotten
a few extra points in getting married firsti still am the first born
and think i still have a twinkle in his eyei successfully learned how to
change my car's oil and flat tires
from himstrangely enjoy yard work
and pulling weeds
(he's a plant boy)he's put up with 3 woman
for his married/children life
and in his early years with 2 sisters as well

my mom loves him
his daughters love him
he's been a spiritual leader in our home
supported his daughters in our endeavors

given us dudley squinty eyes
gone along with our girly ideas
from yoga shots
to trying fondue...

he's driven snowy roads
so that i could be home in time for Christmas

along with used to be strangers

he's been an example of patience
hard work
devotion to the gospel
service to others continually
and has been a support
of love and encouragement
through the years
he came from humble beginnings
was the first to graduate and go to college
as i've matured through the years
i've realized how
lucky i am to have
my father
that always provided for his family
he served God, his family,
and his fellow man
as best he could
and still does

p.s. i wish i had his fire fighting picture
to post...

Monday, November 15, 2010

NYC meets Bagby

so a little crew was up to show steve,
jenn's good friend from nyc,
some unique places of oregon
(don't worry that's rain
not snow)
let's just say...
we waited for a while
jill and i got the tree tub
that we couldn't turn off
the hot water coming in
and without a stopper
luckily a nice man
clogged the tub so it'd fill
we had to get cold water by the buckets rub a dub dub
corina, steve, russ, kate, jenn
ickes even came to play!
jessie and kirstin
and we made it back by 9ish...
a lot better than 1-2 am last time!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


a green bean casserole can't cook quick enough...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rainy tuesday

some days look like this:
saving winchester from the rain and cold he didn't bite me!
it was the first time
i've picked him up
by myself...
because i've been scared
it was like we were best friends
isn't he cute!
then working hard on the computer
wearing my leopard print snuggie
thank you spencer again
for a great present last year
it was cold today
... 46 degrees!
i also tried out a new zumba class tonight
i decided i like the other instructor better
sorry lady at 5:30
it's me...
not you!

Monday, November 8, 2010

catch-up: greek festival

beautiful greek orthodox church...
with my favorite kind of christian art
delicious greek food...
check youth dancing...
i loved the closeness of the teens
that danced together
i wish every youth had a group
to be close and connected to
whatever their interest/passion
may be

off church grounds yo!