Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ben jones beach house weekend

a pre-birthday retreat?
a returning visitor from the utah?
the view from the house
yes to all questions. oh let me clarify...
also the view from the large outdoor hot tub
you could hear the waves crashing.
happy breakfast makers
greg and kate!
half awake?
part of the crew:
lee, scott, elba, me, jenn, david,
russ, kirstin, ka
saturday lighthouse walk or bike ride...

i love these series of facial shots of riley
absurd story?
not sure.
sea hag restaurant = delicious clam chowder
i would venture to say the best on the coast
lee, david, riley, kate, scott
where these smiles are
something is going on
no comment on what
let's just say a full moon night
and not a lot of wind
jenn, lyndsey, chelsea, me
good times with friends!


Katie Curtis said...

Such a fun weekend!! Thanks for putting it together!

Lock Smith said...

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