Sunday, November 30, 2008

Golden Birthday !!

What true good friends :) it's official it was my golden birthday yesterday

Thursday, November 13, 2008

rural randomness

so i've been traveling in eastern oregon since tuesday. i've been in john day, burns, christmas valley and am in lakeview tonight. randomness has happened already. i ran into an old friend, rhys, in john day at the grocery store. i knew rhys from moab, knew he moved to the valley and i ran over to the grocery store before the whole town closed at 9p.m. for a bit of leche and low and behold i walk past an isle where i see a man restocking shelves then walk backwards and both of us realized it was each other. WEIRD! i lost his number and was going to email him and say... hey i'm in your hometown, but we ended up catching up instead. crazy.

picture two is from a bathroom in a courthouse that we had a meeting. i guess there was a problem of air freshening stealing. the best part is that the can was positioned where i thought at first, it said do not move. luckily i realize you could move it and obviously use it but couldn't REMOVE it.

tonight i ate at a delicious diner called patty's (shoot i think). it was retro, it had picture/poster of an elk in a frame and ducks flying on the wall. the best part was that they had smash burgers. i promptly took my camera out and snapped a photo to send to my friend smash. the waitress questioned me why i did that and after a swift explanation of smash's love of retro and connection of her name, she gave me a menu to send to smash. so i snuck it to the truck and then she changed her mind and then decided just to give me pages inside. so i have the whole menu of love to send to smash love, lakeview oregon. now that's freaking customer service and i don't have gross fingerprints of others.

other rural fun that i've encountered is some shady men at breakfast gave me the 411 on how to drive where and when and told me i could get a 3 bedroom house at the same price i'm paying for my one bedroom in salem. i think they're trying to lure me into burns, oregon. i hate to break their hearts but that is NOT happening.
also i'm grateful that i still have a phone that is a tri-band.yes, my friends in the digital only world, i had analog ONLY in burns last night. thanks again analee for your phone! my phone is still possessed in this extended network area. it will get used to it. all i have to say is thank goodness for wireless! i'm even in a hotel that used to be a training center, then a rest home and now a hotel. if that ain't rural, i don't know what is... meth labs that are now homes to many in slc? hmmm.... CHANGE is good eh?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

back to being me

so i had off monday since i was traveling east today for work during the holiday. i decided to be normal me again and went mountain biking. i got some advice from a website and a quick stop at santiam bike shop. i have a secret crush on a worker there now. (which has been much needed... secret crushes help liven any day and days to come.)

i went down to mary's peak, outside of corvallis. luckily i saw the sun, multiple times which gained some points for oregon. it was a good progressive hill up. then i got onto single track...oh happinesstrue confession...i got tired and had to walk at times.
at the observation point, i was so surprised no one else was there to see the fog with me.
from what i hear, you can see peaks and great views when it's clear. so maybe next time eh?
things i learned from my bike ride.
one the forest is gorgeous and i'm not scared of it on my bike. two. i can't wear my chacos anymore at least this time of year. my toes got cold. three. i'm not as skilled in damp conditions. the trail is so moist and mushy. i'm clearly a dry desert girl. i was not prepared for treacherous slippery roots. they may have won this time but next time i will conquer them. or i may buy a road bike. don't judge me. i didn't want to go meet counties i'll be over looking like a domestic violence victim, like last year at school, not pretty. four. mtn. bikers in the northwest are used to tight squeezes between cut logs, two trees, jumps off of roots to damp ground, be able to brake quickly to carry your bike over a tree that has fallen over the trail, etc. i have little to no experience in these areas since i rarely rode my mtn. bike if it had been raining anytime recently in utah or az. i said out loud multiple times, "honestly! who does this!" and "you've got to be kidding me!" during the ride so needless to say, i'm glad i was alone this ride of introduction.

Friday, November 7, 2008

a week in review...

counting backwards...

happiness of today. i got health insurance. i can now rightfully go to the doctor and pay for it. i can ride my bike again. really ride my bike. i can get on a long board and crash and see a doctor. i have what everyone should have health care. at work today i'm reminded that they respect and value my opinion. i met a state board that is passionate, active, in serving the children and youth in oregon. amongst the crowd was michael harper, blazers alumni. also i'm in my new comfy coffee house drinking a ginger brew, listening to a live guitar & mandolin and they're singing that song that says hallelujah hallelujah. i don't know who sings it but i love it. i've heard it before and i'm even singing along myself.

happiness of yesterday. thursday

they are recycle nazis like me! whoa! i finally got my trash and recycle bins. hopefully i can figure out what goes out when and in what bin.

i got dental insurance. i shamefully haven't been to the dentist for let's say over a year and it may even be two... my eyes rested on the fall country side of the small town of newberg oregon and was enlightened on the progress and direction of homeless and runaway youth. i was re inspired by attending my friend's second missionary discussion. i came home and was enlightened by luke 4:18. i think many of us are unaware of the bruised, my job is opening my eyes wider to what that all entails. i have a renewed interest in looking to what Christ did and who he was among if really i'm supposed to be like Him.

wednesday. the dynamics of working in a group.

tuesday. hello. election day. see other post. YES WE CAN!

monday. day one of commuting to work on my bike. no hills to work means no sweating in my "professional" clothes. the ride home was well...wet. i was soaked because we'll it was raining. i bought a light for the front of my bike and couldn't tighten it down enough so i had to hold it. i tried to make friends at the bike shop but already forgot the guys' name who helped me because i started acting shy. i did find out that there's a lil group of women that mtn. bike. i hope to find them saturday and introduce myself and make some friends that way. maybe these people will like obama, unlike MANY peeps from my congregation. sad. they think i'm so liberal. what's weird is i'm so CONSERVATIVE to so many of my friends. funny huh.

back to monday. after being drenched in my work clothes i was welcomed by a package from karen. it warmed my heart. i got a karen special handmade wildflower card with the best quote. i'll get it posted soon.

sunday. i love at least getting another hour to sleep with daylight savings.

sat. express ballot to the sl of da c

friday. halloween! haunted house number two. jack-o-lantern sloppy joe tradition. wearing black eyeliner to be part of the band. i was lead guitar. luckily all those years playing air guitar in the car by myself paid off.


package from karen

Perfect timing for me needing a package

Should have started another day

After the yet commute home on the bike feeling my wet undies

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

victory! victory!!


it's been so exciting the past 1/2 hour. i got done with a lil bible study and heard the good new and the vibrate on my cell during institute. yeah! i was listening to NPR on the radio as i drove downtown. i saw tv screens in a pub so i rounded the corner again and ran inside. to my dismay the screens were all OBAMA but there was music pumping. totally disappointing. it was good to see his face but closed screening wasn't working for me... running back to my car i got back in and listened to the rest of his speech. he's inspiring and it's just a wonderful time and season. i love all the excitement and enthusiasm of this election.

i'm proud of everyone who voted and for whoever. those of you that didn't vote...shame on you. and like "the favorite," she along with anyone i find out will not receive any presents for a year and no ability to complain for the next four (hopefully more) years.

i'm at the same coffee shop i stopped at right after my interview here in salem. good steamer, lemon poppy seed scone, and happiness for CHANGE WE CAN COUNT ON.

sincerely yours

oh... a just for the record i express mailed my absentee ballot to utah. that's devotion. i've never used or paid $16.50 to express my mail. i got my ballot on friday and promptly mailed it on sat.