Wednesday, September 29, 2010


for those of you who don't know
but should
i hate walmart
i may call it "the whore of the earth"
or just the "whore"
i just don't like how they've changed
in treating their employees and customers now
and a few other things
so in a weak moment today
while looking relentlessly for a specific carpet and rug shampoo
i googled walmart
and found this...
see what the comment says...
i still called and actually
for the first time in years
the nice man i was switched to was very helpful
they didn't have what i needed
but i appreciated him
good man
but guess who did have the stuff i needed
a local store
proud to support

Monday, September 27, 2010


Now and then it's good to pause
in our pursuit of happiness
and just be happy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ode to the favorite

a belated birthday post
to the favorite
her birthday also falls on
international talk like a pirate day
another reason why she's so lucky
and the favorite
early birthday celebration at the wards!
sisterly crab eating bonding time in lincoln city
prior visit to our old home on the mckenzie
sea kayaking on the oregon coast yoga posing at horseshoe bend
sexy plexy with the hubby
cheers to 24 years!
next year she'll be having a quarter life crisis...

Monday, September 20, 2010

timothy lake

slight drizzles?
we're training ourselves to go
rain or shine
or you never go

lesley & i

young love
dillon & jennifertender on the love benchbelow the lake...emma, chelsea, tiffany, me & david cheers to friends!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

compliments to katie for pics

katiejakechelseafirst timers!!!jesselahgreg
kory kirstin

fun times at smith rock!

Monday, September 13, 2010

splendid weekend

i went back to the beautiful desert
of eastern oregon
to dance up a rock named smith

i lead a 5-10!
even on a bum foot
(don't tell my doctor)
it's been years since i lead
a shout out goes to
jake who peer pressured me to do it
and to zack from boulder
who helped me at the top
remember what to do...

sun and blue skies
continue to rule my heart

i slept under the magnificent array
of brightly beaming stars

i found out i won't be getting a peg leg
or have melanoma...
good news...
they said everything was normal
thank you very much

met with a friend/old co-worker
and gained great insight
met up with spencer
for haunted decent pizza
and a weak underground portland tour
don't waste your money here
go to seattle instead

met new friends
and enjoyed a beautiful sunset
pretty excellent
if you ask me

Thursday, September 9, 2010

patience and honesty win

after my frustration yesterday
with a policy
i got a call back
saying a decision was changed

so it may take time and uncertainty
but being honest pays...

i'm glad i didn't act upset while on the phone
when i was frustrated
i've been the person on the other end
it's not a easy job either

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


after over 8 years of social service jobs
years and years of schooling

believe me if some policy
that is supposed to help the people
you're going to hear from me
especially government systems

lucky for me i'm financially stable
others aren't so lucky
so although my issue
may not get resolved
i'll be advocating for those after me

i think the person i called backed
to ask who i needed to contact
about policies and process
what taken a little off-guard
he stumbled with...
good question...
let's look on the website
i assured him that i was not going to
complain about him
but about the process
and unclear expectations

he went into some ramble about
how as a citizen i have such rights...
blah blah blah...
which i'm grateful for
don't get me wrong

but i got a flashback of working with
individuals with low-income
and at times with refugee and immigrant status
and it all came back
for what's right and equitable

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

personal urban dictionary

just so you know
i have my own personal urban dictionary
no need to google...
just a quick phone call or text
to danielle
and my questions are solved
(ok maybe i verify her answers
sometimes on line...
just to make sure
she's not pulling my leg)

today's question: couture
my thought: a fancy/trendy new way to spell culture
reality after consultation
via phone call
couture definition: fancy fashionable well fitting (customized) things
origin of word-probably french
who knew?
not me

it was in response
to finding out
that my new glasses
made by juicy couture
have small gold crowns on the side
and on one side
has a bow with a small rhinestone
this was not observed by me prior to purchase
or after having the glasses a week

yes this is from the person that refused
to wear pink for MANY years
of my life

time changes people?
i'm not sure if for the better...

the young-ish handsome eye doctor
convinced me
by telling me i looked
professional, cute, and sexy

it's what i needed
don't judge.

they were even the cheapest frames
i had in my final 3
so i felt he wasn't motivated by money

back in the swing

whirlwind of a weekend!
a last minute trip to utah
to be with a close friend
decided at 3:15pm on thursday
and was on the road by 6pm
with friends from wa
that i luckily knew were going to hit the road
to head east
12 hours on the road
strangely didn't seem that long
with good company and good tunes

it was a weekend full of
great talks, laughs, worries, and cries
with great friends

the dry heat was blessed
and i enjoyed a kickin' peach frozen yogurt
from peaches right off the tree
from harmony and hippy's house
and am now enjoying garden gifts of produce
from analee and jose and elias

it warmed my heart to see some friends
and wished i had more time to see more
in utah

i hope to come back! maybe in the fall!

now back to the swing of things
with 60s and rain...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Voice of the Spirit

i liked this this morning...
it's religious
so whether you want to call it the spirit
or your conscience
or the energy you feel
slowing down and finding time to listen
to what's inside
what we truly want
what is right
seems to be the right idea

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

peg leg?

so i was informed that i should've
sent a picture of the bottom of my foot
so people could vote
on what they think it might be sorry friends
then i had the thought today...
what if i had melanoma?
and they had to cut off my foot
and i got a peg leg
my sweet friend/cuz
informed me
that it wouldn't help my social scene
but i thought-some pirates have peg legs
but again she informed me
that those were boy pirates
not girl pirates
dang it
so really i'm not that worried
i just wish i could play like i want to
patience = no fun
or it's real life
it happens