Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fat kid like cake


so i go in to get my blood work done this morning
i ask the check-in guy and this convo starts:
me: how long are you supposed to fast for?
c-i g: about 12 hours
me: uhh i'm at about 8-9 hours is that o.k. or should i come back later?
c-i g: it's shouldn't be a problem. what did you eat?
me: (hesitating) cake
c-i g: oh you should be fine. i'll just write that on a note to your doctor
me(thinking great now my doctor will know): i did eat a lot of vegetables and fruit right before that too
c-i g (probably thinking yeah right, and looking at his computer): oh actually with this test that doesn't matter you didn't even have to fast.
me: oh o.k. (but wanting to say...oh great thanks now i had to fast and i feel like a fattie)

let's just say i normally don't even like cake either! i love sugar, candy, tarts, brownies you name it but now i feel i'm going to be labeled as a 11 p.m. cake eater.

the blood drawn encounter was also funny:
blood drawer: which arm would you like to use?
me: this one has been working good
small talk ensues
bd: you smell nice
me: thank you it's lotion
i can't tell if he's trying to hit on me or just be nice
after more small talk
bd: is that by chance sensual amber by bath and body works?
me: yes it is, good nose

conclusion: he either a. has a girlfriend b. loves woman's lotion

interesting morning all before 8:30 a.m.

Monday, February 22, 2010

vancouver 2010

we owned the olympics...
promoted peacegot in and out of the border
in record timeknow the downtown vancouver
like the back of our hand
the sneak preview of the weekend
starts at this post
until further pictures are shared...
i had a great time with my good friend spencer and my new friend david
let's just say the highlights of the weekend were:
a. sneaking into the "olympic sponsored" department store section
without waiting in a long line by finding the stairway and
following our rich friends in as they smooth talked
their way into the secret entrance
then sticking it to the department store and
not buying any of their over priced items or
finding any adult sized mittens
b. showing up at our room to stay for the night at 11:30 p.m.
to meet another two people that thought they were getting the same place...
the overbooked evening ended up with a hostel type situation
5 people one bedroom apartment housed in a four-plex-ish placed
$20 a head for each of us
all willing just to sleep on a bed/sofa-bed/or mattress on the floor
since we luckily called first
we got the better end of the situation.
c. we got into the curling event
and this with our own two eyes
(and saw the usa lose big time
and see canadia win big time

more details and pictures to come!
enjoy my phone pics!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


so in case you forgot
today is ash wednesday
i wonder if it might be
one of the tortuous days of the year
for thousands...
maybe millions
although i'm not catholic
there a lot of people that are
and many who participate in lent
i was going to pass on
the "joy" of sacrificing something
i thought i could give up
my occasional swearing
but have come to terms
that i still think it's funny to curse
then after some peer pressure at work
i finally listened to our it worker
who told me my pancreas
is in pain every time i drink a soda
which has been daily lately
yesterday he went into diabetes
which does run in the family
but so does drinking coke!
it's a family culture thing see link below
so i folded
and went cold turkey today...
let's just say
i wanted a coke at 9 a.m. this morning
cravings are real
and no i'm not prego
it was not fun
sacrificing is not fun
but i made it through day one
when is easter?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

things that make me happy

during a stressful time of life
there are many things that add to the stress
that won't be discussed here
i will report on what eases those stressors
b. my friends who rank really close to
and whom often consider my second family
c. my recent as holly named it "jess stress less" weekend
upon hearing i was coming elias
let me know via pic text he was excited to meet me
my "stress less"happened as follows:
a holly-fied weekend of ease
including helping me get to utah
flying in and preping the weekend with a delicious breakfast
then a massage
(i always thought it was a great idea
for her become an amazing massage therapist)
then the weekend was full of good food
boarding in blue onesie
seeing the sun and enjoying the snow
catching up with great friends
that i haven't seen for awhile
and meeting new additions to many of their families
elikarlya special interpretive dance number from wesmeeting esmae june
(photo stolen from her parents' blog)
continuation of other things that make me happy
d. weekends away with friends to the coast here in oregon (including kayaking in tillamook bay)e. getting texts and pictures hearing about "Utah"
levi's new golden retriever
yes i'm super jealous!
and f. for music
although i'm not into country and more into folk these days
the dixie chick resonate with me these words in these two songs:

*the long way around
*easy silence

so that is some of the things along the continuum
of things that make me happy