Monday, February 22, 2010

vancouver 2010

we owned the olympics...
promoted peacegot in and out of the border
in record timeknow the downtown vancouver
like the back of our hand
the sneak preview of the weekend
starts at this post
until further pictures are shared...
i had a great time with my good friend spencer and my new friend david
let's just say the highlights of the weekend were:
a. sneaking into the "olympic sponsored" department store section
without waiting in a long line by finding the stairway and
following our rich friends in as they smooth talked
their way into the secret entrance
then sticking it to the department store and
not buying any of their over priced items or
finding any adult sized mittens
b. showing up at our room to stay for the night at 11:30 p.m.
to meet another two people that thought they were getting the same place...
the overbooked evening ended up with a hostel type situation
5 people one bedroom apartment housed in a four-plex-ish placed
$20 a head for each of us
all willing just to sleep on a bed/sofa-bed/or mattress on the floor
since we luckily called first
we got the better end of the situation.
c. we got into the curling event
and this with our own two eyes
(and saw the usa lose big time
and see canadia win big time

more details and pictures to come!
enjoy my phone pics!


Kaye and Jared said...

how fun!! i want more details and pics.

Angela said...

Good times! Vancouver is an amazing city. Lucky you.

Sparklebot said...


Juli said...

Ooooh, jealous.