Wednesday, February 10, 2010

things that make me happy

during a stressful time of life
there are many things that add to the stress
that won't be discussed here
i will report on what eases those stressors
b. my friends who rank really close to
and whom often consider my second family
c. my recent as holly named it "jess stress less" weekend
upon hearing i was coming elias
let me know via pic text he was excited to meet me
my "stress less"happened as follows:
a holly-fied weekend of ease
including helping me get to utah
flying in and preping the weekend with a delicious breakfast
then a massage
(i always thought it was a great idea
for her become an amazing massage therapist)
then the weekend was full of good food
boarding in blue onesie
seeing the sun and enjoying the snow
catching up with great friends
that i haven't seen for awhile
and meeting new additions to many of their families
elikarlya special interpretive dance number from wesmeeting esmae june
(photo stolen from her parents' blog)
continuation of other things that make me happy
d. weekends away with friends to the coast here in oregon (including kayaking in tillamook bay)e. getting texts and pictures hearing about "Utah"
levi's new golden retriever
yes i'm super jealous!
and f. for music
although i'm not into country and more into folk these days
the dixie chick resonate with me these words in these two songs:

*the long way around
*easy silence

so that is some of the things along the continuum
of things that make me happy


D*mac said...

I'm glad you got your baby-cation even though I still think that is an awful name.

Dezi and Brock said...

Yay! Now you'll just have to make another visit when I have my baby!! He'll be born in July, so pencil me in for August-ish or anytime thereafter. :) I say we do a Keet Seel reunion...

The Good Report said...

super sweet blue onesie.
I hope we catch you on the next trip, but be glad you did not visit. you definitely would have gotten the pukes. highly contagious. gross.