Sunday, August 7, 2011

momma visit

well... peer pressure still works
i got my mom to oregon

she flew into eugene
and we rushed up to our old branch
to see old friends
it was a heart warming Sunday
as it always is in the blue river branch
me in front of my old elementary school
the new and improved mckenzie river ranger station

old bridges to old residences
i don't know how many times my mom said
"the trees have really grown!
this used to be a field or they weren't this tall"
strange what over 20 years does on a place...

old dwellings...
i broke my collar bone here
friend's old places
my parent's first house
that looks good still
eugene was painted with flowers
i forgot how UNCOMMON this is for an arizonian
she was just so blown away by the flowers
i kept thinking...
really mom?
new eyes, new perspective on the beauty of the area

next stop...
the coast


Audrey said...

Glad to hear you are still alive :) Looks like it was a good break for everyone.

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