Monday, August 8, 2011

momma visit: the coastal edition

after a mouth watering experience at
pizza research research institute in eugene
picture patio seating, guitarist, honey lemonade,
flowers and greens hanging about
i wasn't sure if my mom was ever going to leave
but with some poppy seed bread in hand
monday evening we headed to the coast

we stopped in florence and got our picture taken
by a kind weathered men
whose smile
i trusted not to run off with my camera
one of the many cool bridges of oregon
we got my mom some hip
old lady reading glasses
with a bit of bling
well... for her it was a little flashy
but that's what you can do
at a certain age.
you have to own it.
then we headed towards yachats
to visit judy

wind blown hair?
lighthouse... check
and no we won't pay to see
your sea lion cave
that was so 15 years ago

then we made it to judy...
it was a great reunion for my mom
to see her best friend from oregon

we got to see josh and 2 of his kids
and stay in her great home close to the beach

the coast was remarkable wonderful and pleasant
doesn't happen that often
at least for me

we enjoyed eating on the deck for most if not all meals
we went on a little hike
to cape perpetua, devils churn and cooks chasm
cooks chasm

devils churn
cape perpetua

it was hard for them
to leave each other
there were tears

but i was reminded again
true friends last

next stop: portland town


Maggie said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful time. I love the pictures and my dear friend.

Katie Curtis said...

Great pictures! Are you still in Portland? Any job updates?

Leslie said...

Aw, mommy! Such a beautiful place. We need to come visit.

Juli said...

might i just say- your hair is looking lovely

Lock Smith said...

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