Tuesday, December 25, 2007


normally when i think of being home for the holidays i think... family accepting you for who you are and general sense of love and acceptance...

well this year i came home with a cold and then my mother informed me of my separate hand towel that i needed to use in the bathroom and kitchen. so while the rest of my family gets to use the easily accessible hand towel conveniently located right next to the sink,

i, the "infected" one, had to use the one on the other side of the bathroom.

it doesn't sound the warmth of coming home for the holiday eh?


Tim&Kirst said...

:( Ummmmmm....I miss my Jessie friend. We need to do lunch and catch up. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call me :)

Smash said...

do you think you'll EVER post a new blog entry?