Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my new fav thing 2 do in da slc

who knew of such fun?

i didn't until a few wednesdays ago...
danion thankfully introduced me to shooting the tube

which i faithfully have been attending to every wednesday evening after getting out of class
even though attendance went down drastically after that first wednesday

and no wigs were seen after that first magical decent either...

i've still been proclaiming the joy to friends

unfortunately for them, my dam building skills weren't like the engineers of the first round
BUT they got the point even in the turning frigid waters...

poor d$ had to go down by himself on week 2 because of my oozing arm

luckily by the week 3 abdi and annalee got in on the action for the final run for this year...
there's something about reliving the goonies scene that i've always wanted to do...
so far this is the closest...
and just admit you're jealous if you haven't done it yet...

Sunday, September 9, 2007


domestic violence victim: i just fell down the stairs...

or do i look like a little kid that was trying to show off on their bike?
oh wait i already have a scar on my thumb from that.

well the last response is close... i went longboarding friday night up at the "U" with tyler and cody
so you could basically call me a beginner at long boarding... i do well on flat roads and can even go a little up the hill in sugar house, but the "moderate" level left it's imprints on me.

i fell within the first two minutes as we left tyler's car. the first fall wasn't that bad, so i proceeded with excellent slowing techniques from tyler. i was doing fine, crossed the bridge and was in a seemingly open non hazardous parking lot carving fine when i met a sunken circular sewage hole that i didn't see.

cody and tyler ran to my aid after the big fall, they obviously are wilderness trained for jobs they do, they laid me flat on the ground. cody held my head with my hands, etc.

i was completely humiliated.

i convinced them to ride the rest of the way to go get my car so i could pace the parking lot and cry on my own.

they returned with my car, checking my pupils to make sure they weren't dialated, gave me the vision test to make sure i could follow the moving finger in front of my face.

i passed all with flying colors.

the rest of the evening was filled with ice packs, crying as i washed my wounds, and another heavy cry session after they left. they were wonderful, i felt like an idiot.

lessons learned: be careful who you go on dates with, oh wait i wasn't a dv victim...

wear a helmet and get insurance when you were supposed to sign up in the past few weeks... just in case.

Monday, September 3, 2007

best cuz award

for those of you who don't know...

i'm giving up sugar tomorrow with my mom

after returning from lone peak this is what i was greeted with in my kitchen:

i forgot of danielle's generous offering to make me better than sex dessert the day before.

so needless to say she wins the best cuz award.

it was a great ending to a superb day and the last taste of sugar i'll be having for a while!

danielle is da best!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

ccw part 4: ultimatum

when the back to school bbq slows down in the back yard...
the cuz wrestling match begins inside...

it was icing to the end of a great trip...