Saturday, November 24, 2007

addictions uncovered

with all the vices in the world i'm grateful that my parents aren't brewing meth in the kitchen like many other middle class peeps (oh wait that might just be the zion-like people in utah)

BUT... since i've been home for thanksgiving i was reminded of my father's addiction to coke. yesterday i found 15 cases of 12 packs in the back of his truck when we were throwing the bagged leaves there. he claimed they were on sale and wanted to get a good price. even worse they were probably on sale at the whore (walmart) but regardless...

as i began bringing them inside i already saw a stack of 12 packs in the kitchen
then i was on the prowl and discovered more in the house disgusted, i decided to add up all the cans of coke in our house and counted over 450. i would say that's an addiction.
some of them were even in hidden places.

what i think is funny is how he is so displeased dentist bill and why he doesn't have enough money to go to hawaii

years ago i received a scholarship from coca-cola when i graduated high school, i thought it was because of all my hardwork and good grades... little did i know, i probably would've had that same amount of money from my father's consumption of coca-cola in a few months

love you dad!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

off line

so our internet at home got turned off because our neighbor moved... no news till we get connected again... lo siento.

Monday, November 5, 2007


This post is mainly for my momma b/c she wanted to see my costume... because moving people took a little bit longer than expected i did get to attach as many objects on me as i wanted but it did work. i joined the party hopping with holly, danion and chris on halloween. luckily danielle, tara and marci joined up quickly. danielle's spider legs and my twirling objects got stuck a few times in our hot dancing moves but the night was a ball. the last house we went to was full of great tunes and i even got my michael jackson fix. it's well known i'm not a great dancer but i love being with fun friends and pretending.

i had to post this is myspace-ish photo... it makes me giggle and it's for my friend nolan who thinks i should wear eyeliner. unfortunately all makeup has been discontinued from my face since age 16.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

TWO nightmares on 13th

this week in behalf of halloween festivities i went to another awesome haunted house... the nightmare on 13th. it was excellent fun especially with Marci, who screamed a lot and made us giggle to just watch her at times frightened. is that wrong?
the other nightmare on 13th doesn't need much explaining. for those of you who don't know me I call wal-mart the whore of the earth because it is... she's open late at night, cheap or know as a discount, and ruins people's souls. i've stopped shopping there for awhile now because of the lack of services to their employees, poor and pathetic service and a few other main reasons. i sadly tried to go to two other stores to find plastic farm animals but to no avail, i had to go to the whore. i even called ahead twice to talk to the toy department to see if they had what i was looking for but both times was put on hold for 5 minutes and ended up hanging up and going in. (the sacrifices you do for a good costume.) i hated it the minute i walked in with it being dirty, no helpful service, and long lines. i felt my soul rotting away and tried to rush in and right out. it was awful and i wish i wouldn't have to ever go there again. but i did get my plastic animals, dang them.