Sunday, November 4, 2007

TWO nightmares on 13th

this week in behalf of halloween festivities i went to another awesome haunted house... the nightmare on 13th. it was excellent fun especially with Marci, who screamed a lot and made us giggle to just watch her at times frightened. is that wrong?
the other nightmare on 13th doesn't need much explaining. for those of you who don't know me I call wal-mart the whore of the earth because it is... she's open late at night, cheap or know as a discount, and ruins people's souls. i've stopped shopping there for awhile now because of the lack of services to their employees, poor and pathetic service and a few other main reasons. i sadly tried to go to two other stores to find plastic farm animals but to no avail, i had to go to the whore. i even called ahead twice to talk to the toy department to see if they had what i was looking for but both times was put on hold for 5 minutes and ended up hanging up and going in. (the sacrifices you do for a good costume.) i hated it the minute i walked in with it being dirty, no helpful service, and long lines. i felt my soul rotting away and tried to rush in and right out. it was awful and i wish i wouldn't have to ever go there again. but i did get my plastic animals, dang them.


hilary said...

Hate haunted houses, hate the whore (amen to all said about that) and it is too bad you had to go cause the dollar store had barn animals just the right size for dressing up as a human tornado. Bummer!

P.S. I ended up being a gypsy and I am pretty sure I had my palm read by Moses?

jess said...

Or your palm read by Cain! And for the record I checked the dollar store and no farm animals.

Noel said...

Double amen to all that was said about Wally World. Went there the other day to get some film developed. My favorite thing is that on the credit card reader it has a little survey about whether the store was clean, their employees friendly, etc as if they already didn't know.

Darby said...

I love that you refer to WM as the whore of the earth. That's awesome!! Killer costume