Saturday, January 10, 2009

the drive back to the airport

monday after Christmas, jaimie and i headed to vegas to visit with gpa and for me to head back to oregon. the drive is beautiful. i got my favorite candy at the cheveron in kanab, ut... zotz. hard to find but exciting and delicious. it's nostalgic to eat.

no road trip is good w/o driving through colorado city. lucky for the polygamists that they picked such a beautiful piece of land. i'm jealous of the land, not of the wife situation. a smile always appears on my face when i pass the merry wives' cafe though. one day i'll stop in.
speeding through the gorge always makes me happy as well... tight curves and the lack of cops... can it get better? i'm still safe though. this is the canyon i thought i'd die in at the age of 16 when i was a senior in high school, driving with cody and matt, in cody's geo or something. we were flying in the canyon on our way to a smashing pumpkins concert. our parents let us ditch school and i remember walking down the strip at night and thinking. wow this is what it will feel like to do whatever i want after i leave home. i have to admit, it's been pretty great.


Jaimie said...

You know jess, you need to stop being so picky. With no effort at all, you could totally hook up with a nice "seasoned" man from Colorado City who is also VERY gardening, of course.

Jaimie said...

who do you know that lives in Pittsburg or nearish by? They keep checking me out...on my blog from you.