Sunday, August 9, 2009

south sister

so we got in around 9:30-10p.m. to the trail head
and headed up to moraine lake to camp
kendall had his makeshift backpack...
who needs a real one
grocery bag to bring up the trail and all...

the west lake bunch: kirstin, katie, me, kendall & mike

tear drop lake:
i've never wanted to skinny dip in a place so much
too bad there's too many people on a saturday
it was calling me

ridge to the top...quick cat nap
the 2 other sisters and mt. jefferson

sleepy at the top
all tuckered out
at the summit!

the last stretch up looking back of what we did...
lush beautiful oregon...
at the bottom of the trail
and kirstin looks like she just took of a walk in the park
instead of 10 miles...


Kaye and Jared said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! What a view!

Leslie said...