Sunday, November 18, 2012

autumn in oregon

after strolling through some friends' blogs this morning
i thought...
i guess i could blog
it's been a less climatic weekend
 i did notes for work most of saturday
friday night we did go to see "seussical" the musical
which was actually fun
i'm not in love with most musicals
today we're doing a waffle feed
seems like the right thing to do

 these pics are from our yard and down our gravel road street
i love fall leaves
but in oregon lots of the trees don't turn
and i feel there's a lack of native
deep reds and orange leaves
thanks to the japanese maple 
in are yard next to the non-working waterfall/pond
i get my orange fix

it's getting that in between time in oregon 
where the rain is happening more often
and i'm just not ready for that
we've ran to smith rock to climb
and get out of the rain 

 on our way to smith/bend
we stopped to watch a msl game
at a bar on the way
i couldn't help but snap this jem of a women's bathroom
two in one large stall?
we don't work that way
last saturday was "epic"
(because it didn't rain and was sunny)
mtn biked in the forest on my favorite trail
then scooted into tillamook for some squeaky cheese
took a walk on coast
let the dog run and be so happy
touched sea urchins
hurried back into town
and watched my spurs beat the trailblazers in the final minute 
(thanks to my friend getting us $5 tickets in the nosebleed)
don't worry i wore my cowgirl hat and boots, 
and my black and grey
and maybe yelled at the crowd 
when there was a dirty foul
"classy trailblazers, classy"
but i didn't say jailblazers!
i'd root for them any other time...
other than playing the spurs. 
the end.
i may be back. 
may not.
we'll see.  


Jaimie said...

Wow, you BLOGGED! SO proud of you. horrible, horrible bathroom. Remember the doorless ones on the California beach? I think.

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