Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chris Carrabba & Best Buy love

#1 if you would have said this name to me less than 5 minutes ago, i wouldn't have known who it is, but with the power of google i found out it's the lead singer to dashboard confessional.

i've heard their new album in hilary's car multiple times and liked the average song on the radio, so i went into:

yesterday as i was waiting for hilary to get off work (so we could eat sushi at teru sushi off 20th east and fort delicious!). for mere $8.50 i bought the dusk and summer album. i enjoy the whiny songs of dashboard every now and then. as i went to the early 20's cashier she immediately flipped the cd and told me that she thought chris was so hot and showed me the picture of him on the back pointing. she then let me know that she probably wouldn't date him though because she'd be afraid of him writing a song about her. i didn't know quite what to say and just thought hmmm.... i didn't realize chris carrabba was interested in best buy cashiers.

what do i know? good thing she hasn't had to break his heart yet. i can't wait for the song to come out when she does though. i hope there's a plug for best buy.


hilary said...

You know who Chris is interested in? Me! That song, You have stolen my heart...yep!

jess said...

you wish!

hilary said...

Why you gotta be hatin'?