Sunday, May 13, 2007

wizards and jetties

ever since i learned about spiral jetty in my art history class in college, i've has become a quest to go to. so about a month ago my new friend, rocky, and i made the voyage. with the kayaks poking out the back of his subaru outback sport and a trusted NSR strap to keep the tail down we headed up north.

on the way there were suspicious life-sized wizard cut outs on the side of the road next to i-15 signs. i think rocky thought i was lying when i spotted the first one and he didn't see...but there were others. we talked about how great it would be if they were at the spiral jetty.

we dropped by golden spike national monument to find NO traces of a golden spike but a fancy railroad tie...BORING!!!

so we arrived at the first jetty we saw and got out. i was too excited to continue to read on the directions to not stop here. so we explored this other jetty for a while but the shape did not connect to the shape in the pictures...

then i read the rest of the directions which said to walk around the bend .6 miles and that we'd see spiral jetty. i felt like a foolish little kid when i explained to rocky that we had gone to the right one, luckily he was easy going and we rounded the corner and what did we see???

wizards!!! i was hoping for more of cloaks and a brewing pot but they were nice, friendly folks that were willing to share their food and beer. we found out it was an annual tradition of a wizard fest. after rocky cast a few spells on the wizards we headed to spiral jetty to realign ourselves with nature and become one with the earth.

after walking the jetty of basalt rocks and basking in the sunlight it was only proper to brush up on our yoga moves at the end of the jetty and continue the balancing our souls.

some of us are better at balancing than others....

review of spiral jetty: a definite must see....

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