Monday, July 9, 2007


on saturday my compañera de me cuarto, jody, y annika fuimos a la Tepotzlan. it´s a wonderful little town up in the mountains about 45 minutes from Cuernavaca. if you have good eyes you can see the pyramid to the right of the town on the hill, yeah we hiked that. it has an amazing overview of the city and region. my favorite part was getting to the top and hearing the music from the city below. ahhh... the ride on the autobus seemed to be the way travel should be in mexico. windy roads, horses chillin in the streets, cobblestonish roads and turns in tepotzlan that you thought no way a bus could fit through. let´s just say i sweat a lot in humidity.

there are lots and lots of stairs. i´m glad i wasn´t on the trail crew for that. i thought of my friend, pete, working the trails the whole time and was thankful i was a booth girl when i worked for the park. at the very end our friend meghan caught up with us... it was a great reunion until they started rushing us off but it was well worth the 9 pesos to get there.
we ate at a decent resturante where i wish i would have gotten the mole... oh well it was colorful.

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