Monday, October 22, 2007

slightly obsessed

so... quick side note to brake up the maze pictures. when levi and i were in the car for multiple hours he had some great old jackson 5 and michael jackson tunes that put a smile on my face. it made me reminisce of the good ol' days of him not being weird, no nose jobs or maybe just one, no whale movies, and an awesome silver glove.

so i may have (and might have still in the attic of my parents house along with my, "my little ponies and their paradise estate) my michael jackson ken-like/barbie doll with his red jacket and silver glove. i may or may not have snuck my dad's silver glove liners out to help my dancing techniques.

so last week there was an assembly at school where there was a skit of thriller. maybe it's the time of year but i currently can't get enough of michael jackson. so i bought this today.

and i love it
i'm sorry but it's freaking awesome
and if i'm singing in my car or humming or dancing it's to him.

i got mocked today for teaching kids to be careful of what they're watching and how the media will effect them but yet i'm quote "promoting"michael jackson, well... deep inside they probably miss the old michael too and are jealous of my new cd.


Dainon. said...

Let your guilty pleasures shine, I say. I still remember my mom giving us all Michael Jackson posters for Easter, along with our Easter treats in the basket. Seemed pretty normal at the time (mid 80s?).

Darby said...

I love when true confessions come out.

alice said...

I just read an awesomemusic blog that wrote some funny stuff on his new album.
And there's also a Chris Rock video where he's talking down on Jackson.

hilary said...

Hey you still have those golves you may or may not have taken? Just wonerin'!