Monday, October 29, 2007

warren miller

friday night was warren miller night in park city. i've tried to make it a habit in going so i can get myself pumped up for the winter because really... it could be 85 degrees year round and i'd be so happy... and could live in the red rock peacefully for the rest of my life.

but... since i'm here in da slc, i have to prepare myself for the white stuff...

all i have to say is, warren miller did a great job in the film this year. i even felt like hiking up a mountain in the snow to ski down. hiking mountains isn't my favorite thing, a canyon, any day... mountains, i'll do, in snow... i must be in a good mood. then i thought, hmmm... i wonder how much it is to heli ski. i found a new friend who just bought tele skiis and i think we're going to learn together. i'm excited. for a mere $18 i can be convinced of the delightfulness of winter. i think that's sucessful.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

my fav ride

when i was at byu i lived next door to my friend, cody, from my hometown. he introduced me to the ridge trail up in the alpine loop area in af canyon. i have fallen in love with the place ever since. ever time i ride there it's nostalgic because we used to go as much as possible in the fall before the weather turned bad. that was a great time of life... i got to know joellen well before they got married and i was just going to school full time and not working...
what i'd give...
back to the trail... i've got memories of biting through my lip there, falling on a tree root that made me cut my season short in the past but i absolutely love it.

i went about a month ago with my friend, nolan, and the colors were changing but not everything had turned...

i had a secret hope that i could go up this weekend and i'd get the tail end of the leaves but got lots of mud and patches of snow instead.

i still had a ball though

this is when i was clean...

do you see my bike? it's down there...

needless to say, i had to stop multiple times to clean out the mud so my bike would move...

i'm kinda glad i was alone because i was giggling as a kid as i slid and then was throwing mud out from my brakes and gears

it was still great. i even got a lecture on the way back up from the person i hitchhiked with that i shouldn't go alone. i did listen for a bit. but still have that invisibleness (it's a word in my book o.k.) where i think...i don't know what the big deal is. i mean it's not like i've bit through my lip when i was riding alone or got lost from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. on a trail. the person could not figure out what my deal was and asked me how old i was thinking it was justify my irrational thought. surprised at my late 20's, it didn't help the situation. unfortunately yesterday no one could go and when i want to go ride, i ride. i even made a friend out of the day that said anytime i wanted to ride that i could call her. i was just impressed that becky was in her 40's with her hubby riding bikes... i was envious of a marriage like that.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

aMAZE-ing part 3

last of the pics

levi's crack

he's in love with crack

the dollhouse

long ride out... sunday we left at 9 a.m. and got back to slc at 8:15 p.m.
hite... and this used to be the pristine skiing area
still timeless
superb trip

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a-MAZE-ing part 2

hiking the maze...

so see the chocolate drops... to the the right in the sunset... yeah we hiked behind those...

but we did make it to the harvest scene...

i'm sorry but i'm a complete sucker for pictographs/petrogyphs and ruins

luckily levi appeased my wants to see this....

warrior man

and my absolute favorite...
the detailed growing tree coming out of the hand with animals jumping from it. it almost is a creation scene for me.

the hike out was awesome, levi was like a giddy, blissful boy and i'm not sure how many times i heard him comment on how it was the best route out of a canyon he's ever been in. he was in a trance at the maze, he couldn't get enough of the place. he even thanked the nps and sca volunteer when we saw them later on their great route.

we camped at the dollhouse that night and could overlook to the river

2 dorks

Monday, October 22, 2007

slightly obsessed

so... quick side note to brake up the maze pictures. when levi and i were in the car for multiple hours he had some great old jackson 5 and michael jackson tunes that put a smile on my face. it made me reminisce of the good ol' days of him not being weird, no nose jobs or maybe just one, no whale movies, and an awesome silver glove.

so i may have (and might have still in the attic of my parents house along with my, "my little ponies and their paradise estate) my michael jackson ken-like/barbie doll with his red jacket and silver glove. i may or may not have snuck my dad's silver glove liners out to help my dancing techniques.

so last week there was an assembly at school where there was a skit of thriller. maybe it's the time of year but i currently can't get enough of michael jackson. so i bought this today.

and i love it
i'm sorry but it's freaking awesome
and if i'm singing in my car or humming or dancing it's to him.

i got mocked today for teaching kids to be careful of what they're watching and how the media will effect them but yet i'm quote "promoting"michael jackson, well... deep inside they probably miss the old michael too and are jealous of my new cd.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

aMAZE-ing part one

for years i've wanted to go to the maze and when there's a fall break and a chance to go...

i went...ain't it beautiful!luckily i have levi as a friend that is ready to go and a desert lover as i am... we headed out last wednesday night and slept on the side of the dirt road on the way to Hauns Flat ranger station

this random shell was near the road... it may look small in this picture but it was good sized and reminded me that i should have been reading the "monkey wrench gang" instead of the "marriage clinic." oh the things you do while in school! blah!

the dirt road got worse after the ranger station and needless to say it took us around 5.5 hrs to get to our campsite...i think top speed that day was a few minutes of 20 mph. even levi's monkey was holding on for dear life at times...

the switchbacks were crazy but look how happy levi is to be away from civilization... the pictures give no true show of how sketchy some of the 4-wheel driving was...i love the colors of the desert! i've decided to start collecting different colored sand from the desert and am going to make a bottle full of different colors, you know like the ones you used to make as a kid... i collected sand here... obviously...

yes there's fall colors in the desert finally got to canyonlands... only campin' and hikin' here...

then to the land of standing rocks... can you see the mother and daughter here? we finally got to see take a quick walk to see down into the maze...that was waiting for us to hike the next daya beautiful sunset painted the skyand our desert deficit was starting to be filled

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


so i rarely dream but i woke up this morning remembering i was at a party of smash's and this song. true... i was and continue to be a cyndi lauper fan maybe just more so when i was in 4th grade, any way or shape, this song has been with me because it was the song at smash's party in my dream. i'm not sure if cyndi was at the party but this song was, enjoy. just please don't support fashion bringing back too much from the 80's...

let it rest in peace...

A film for viewing?

i don't know much abou this but i wish i was in town to see it... i wanted to pass on the info...

Please join the SLC Film Center for this fascinating, award-winning documentary!
WHEN: Wednesday, October 10th at 7:00pm
WHERE: Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts, 138 West 300 South, SLC
KING LEOPOLD'S GHOST is a shocking tale of the richest country in Africa, claimed by the rapacious King Leopold II of Belgium. Under his greedy reign, the Congo suffered unimaginable horrors. The epic is filled with fascinating adventurers. It is a story brought to life with a treasure trove of archival materials – letters, secret reports and photographs. The film is a culmination of four years of intensive research, a production of international significance and vital relevance to today. Ten million people died under Leopold’s reign, four million more in the last five years. Why? The film, brought up to the present day, demonstrates that “past” is present. The film will be followed \nby a discussion with Rulon Wood from the University of Utah Film Studies Wood has been working on a project which examines the public memories surrounding the Belgian Congo. He has bee shooting in the Royal Museum for Central Africa and interviewing prominent Belgian scholars, historians and colonial veterans.
The film will be followed by a discussion with Rulon Wood from the University of Utah Film Studies Department. Wood has been working on a project which examines the public memories surrounding the Belgian Congo. He has been shooting in the Royal Museum for Central Africa and interviewing prominent Belgian scholars, historians and colonial veterans.
Film Awards:
WINNER – Best Documentary – SANTA BARBARA International Film Festival 2006
WINNER – Best Documentary – BERMUDA International Film Festival 2006
WINNER – Best Documentary – INDIA-MUMBAI Film Festival 2006
WINNER – Best Documentary (Honorable Mention) – PAN AFRICAN Film Festival 2006

Sunday, October 7, 2007

relaxing weekend...

so the weekend was busy but yet so relaxing...

amanda and beau's wedding was wonderful on friday...even though normal people have work on friday afternoons, but it was a good excuse to leave early

i was strangely late that night (first time ever) to her reception there was nasty rain and construction that makes me make ogden was an opportune time to wear my green galoshes... i got some jealous looks at the reception...but little did they know i also gave the pumpkin present (i know exactly what useful things the new couple needs as a wedding present)
but lucky for mindee and i... she left the flower toss for us to get there... how embarrassing... how many of these flower tosses must i really have to go through.

the rest of the weekend was full of reggae music, my first fling with the melting pot restaurant (cheese fondue is divine), eating in a covered wagon (hello yes i'm in utah), india food that took too long to receive and i'm realizing my life revolves around food.

along with the topic of was full of warm butternut squash/hazelnut soup and being with beloved family and friends. it was such a great relaxing sabbath!

hooray for this weekend!