Tuesday, June 3, 2008


this may take a bit but i'll recap the past month...

the extended weekend trip to ohio was great. the sawyer family are a fun group and made me feel right at home. they also have quite possibly some of the cutest kids i know. anyone can fall in love with these kids. see examples below:
joss, two and has been speaking in full sentences before she was one. sometimes i forgot that i was talking to a lil' kid and had to be reminded that it was o.k. if i told her we could have a campfire tomorrow because she doesn't know what tomorrow really means.
i don't normally get baby hungry but these kids did it for me. i met amazing moms that were so happy and joyful in their roles as mothers, it was inspiring.
a lil marshmellow in your hair to enjoy later...
ohio was beautiful and green. clint's parents have an amazing yard that i hate to post about while my father is putting in his lawn in...again, as we speak...
pretty dreamy.
moving on...the cuz connection celebrated two graduations is month one in vegas and one in metropolitain blanding. i unfortunatly have no pics from vegas but here's a quick one from blanding.
and don't worry it was snowing (mind you this is end of may) over soldier's summit driving to blanding... this is so wrong!to continue the fun the cuzs rented a raft and was on the peak day of the daily i think it was in the high 40s pcf (i think that's how you say it... i'm not a river guide i'm just the smart one to have friends and family that are). it was a chilly day at times but still F-U-N!

we had an ending shot of the chaco power before we split our seperate ways... thanks reva for sending mine pronto! look i would have been an outcast amongst the group if i didn't have mine!

the adventure didn't end here for danielle and i... more posts to come!

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ckkg said...

oh. my. GOSH!! Jesse, what the chinlee!! i am grinning from ear to ear right now because i found you!! all these years and i have found you again, my freshman roomie! i stumbled upon your blog and when i saw your beautiful, glowing, familiar face, i about did a cartwheel! i have been thinking about you so much lately, wondering how in the world i would find you and low and behold, here you are!! ok, we have GOT to talk because if you are still living in Utah, we need to get together ASAP!! i am so happy right now! you can come visit my blog too, or just email (ckgrover@gmail.com) or call (801-358-7006) me! hurry!! can't wait to talk to you and catch up!!