Thursday, December 11, 2008

moral dilemma

so i've had huge issues on whether i cut a christmas tree or not. it seems a waste of a tree. but i folded when my friend taylor invited me to come with his family. i couldn't help it if the tree was raised on a tree farm to be cut. i justified the act by supporting a local business in these hard economic times. also they even had a tree shaker to shake the needles off. i'm sorry but that's cool. i also wanted to look like griswalds. and i cut it myself and it's an exceptional smell in my home. i'm sorry i do love it.


Smash said...

Don't think of it as killing an existing tree--think of it as making room for the next generation!

SWG said...

That's a very grown up tree ornament you have.

Jose n' Analee said...

You did what!! You murdered a living plant?? Animal! All for the sake of.....Tradition.