Saturday, April 11, 2009

spring is in the air

so monday was beautiful weather
after a meeting was cancelled i was able to take the whole day off and enjoy the sun.
i even had time to lock my keys in my trunk at the post office
and have the time to walk back home to get my spare
monday night a small group of salem-ites prepared for an open mic
i practiced the one full song i know on the guitar sitting in the sun
taylor practiced his while waiting for the rest of the peeps to arrive to carpool
what was the goal?
woo hearts of the opposite sex
i mean it is spring
i felt the night was successful.
i saw my friend, jared, in full flirting "workin' it" action
only next time he needs to ask for a phone number
i was able to stare at one of the more attractive men i've seen in a while
and taylor learned the new rule of NOT bringing up the obvious of me drooling over a man
UNTIL after all doors and close friends are securely inside the car driving home.


Kaye and Jared said...

You crack me up!! Love the pics of the flowers!!

Dezi said...

You still drool over people? Jessieeeeeee. you're older than that. Come on!! OH WAIT!!! YOU'RE DEPRIVED!!!! Hahaha, it's okay... go ahead.... don't forget to wipe your chin.