Thursday, April 30, 2009

old skills brings old friend

so today i yanked out my long handle comb
and gave myself this design...
i haven't done this in awhile
but i wanted to jazz up my ponytail today
i learned this technique from my great friend, smash,
my junior yr in college
then low and behold...
guess who called me out of the blue?
you guessed it smash.
thus it was probably a quick 5 minute question
but we haven't talked for ever.
i will take a rain check on a much needed longer conversation
till after she takes the bar
i think not

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


two things in this life that make training for a marathon bearable
one. simply stand medium pulp
two. a hot, long shower

Monday, April 27, 2009

opal creek

here's to the first backpacking trip of the year... old logging stuff
another reason to learn how to kayak
yours truly
i wish this water was warm enough to swim in

the joys of forest service land... cheaper fees and you can bring a dog...
i'm thinking of getting a dog a place my mom might be interested in living communally at...

i heart old vehicles

these reminded me of making jose n analee crawl in one during their engagement pics up emigration canyon in the snow

amazingly cool
oregon has lots of water

my friend, dave, posing in the neat-o tree

Thursday, April 23, 2009

just one of those days...

have you ever had a day that you wish had this sign as you woke up
so you knew it was coming?
i kinda knew it was coming but i tried to ignore it.
work was a beast but i survived...
the drive to portland was slow because of this...
i was late to the banff film festival
but it was still good in a great venue...
mcmenamin's bagdad theatre.
i introduced a young lad to a pub.
don't you think by 24 almost 25 you should walk into a pub...
i mean i'm conservative! i don't drink! but come on...
you've never been in a brewery? a bar? ever?
did your bowling alley growing up not have a bar?
you feel uncomfortable in a well lit pub that should just be called a restaurant?
i snuck into my first bar when i was 18/19 in vail.
needless to say,
i was trying not to be too obvious of staring at the other lovely men around me.
i miss slightly shaggy hair and good beards.
few quotes for the night,"what does the word yuppie mean?"
upon entering a bookstore and me purchasing a book..."oh so you're a nerd, you read."
i'm not your type, you're not mine.
your innocence and different type of "righteousness" will knock the socks of someone.
not me.
last date.

Monday, April 20, 2009


i have so many comments i can't handle it. i feel like i want to vent volumes but feel like i should keep my mouth shut in semi honor of someone who might get their feelings hurt. ahh forget it. i may start another blog about dating. if you're married be grateful you're at that stage, even if you're spouse is driving you crazy currently. if you're single, god's speed for a normal date. i wish that upon us all. this is a compilation of things you shouldn't say/do on a date.

one. "i like my roommate, he's easy going and doesn't like to make decisions. i like to make decisions and be in control."

two. don't call me grandma.

three. "why are do you like doing boy things?" are women not allowed to enjoy the outdoors? have you heard of equality? have you realized we're out of the 50's? did you not hear i'm the oldest and i have no brothers? i wear pink now on occasion and wear lacy bras, honestly what do you want out of me?

four. "there are just fat girls in my congregation and they wonder why they're not married." never say this to a woman because a. most if not all women are semi-conscience of their weight b. even if they're not that self-conscience about their weight they have a friend or someone close to them that is overweight as you have just labeled yourself a burro.

five. when visiting an art museum and i ask the question, what are you thoughts on nudity in art? don't respond by saying, "no comment." what does that mean?

six. eating out... when in a large city don't take a woman from a lil' city that loves food to a chain fast food restaurant that is already in her small town. be adventurous!

seven. when going to an art museum, pay the extra $3 for the featured exhibit. recession or not $3 makes your date feel cheap if you don't cough up the extra few bucks.

eight. realize that obviously being divorced for only a month and a half is going to say a red flag to me.

nine. i appreciate men with dreams but i appreciate more motivated men. if you want something to happen have a plan! don't think that money is going to fall from the sky or try to convince me you've figured out how to become rich quickly. that is not attractive nor would i be involved with anyone who would fall for a pyramid scheme. learn to work like the rest of the "real" world.

ten. clean your bathroom before inviting a person you went on a date with recently to your home for dinner.

i could go on but i may need another blog to continue.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

spring is in the air

so monday was beautiful weather
after a meeting was cancelled i was able to take the whole day off and enjoy the sun.
i even had time to lock my keys in my trunk at the post office
and have the time to walk back home to get my spare
monday night a small group of salem-ites prepared for an open mic
i practiced the one full song i know on the guitar sitting in the sun
taylor practiced his while waiting for the rest of the peeps to arrive to carpool
what was the goal?
woo hearts of the opposite sex
i mean it is spring
i felt the night was successful.
i saw my friend, jared, in full flirting "workin' it" action
only next time he needs to ask for a phone number
i was able to stare at one of the more attractive men i've seen in a while
and taylor learned the new rule of NOT bringing up the obvious of me drooling over a man
UNTIL after all doors and close friends are securely inside the car driving home.

Friday, April 10, 2009

post washington thoughts...

number one. don't name a drive-in this:number two. mt. saint helen's ... she indeed blew her top may 18th, 1980.
if you're lucky, the anniversary day before she blew,
they'll open the road to powell observatory
before then you gain elevation
if you're among a good friend
you can take a nap as soon as the road ends and not get out of the car
till after your nap because you're on vacation
number three. the drive did make me want to hike her. number four. levi is a lasting friend
that i think was slightly enchanted by the trees of the nw.i'm grateful for his friendship even if he preaches to me
it may have been the "preacher" graphic novel he bought at powell's amongst other books
i made it out with just one b/c i'm poor.
back to my ode' of levi
i'm grateful for his ease and not placing expectations on trips
he's always been a great friend to call at the last minute and say...
hey i want to go hike here
if he can, he makes it happen
cheers to a weekend of book reading, hikes, drives, eats, scrabble, and spring sun

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Springing P-town

Portland Keeping Weird

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

levi lovin'

watch your dirty thoughts
levi just came to visit sick-o

we "scored" in the sense of getting to stay at his cousin's husband's parents "cabin"
the "cabin" was nicer than any home i've lived in
but no complaints here
it had a hot tub outside over looking a lake/river in washington
need i say more?
also it was fan-tab-u-lous weather

more details on the trip to come
this was the waterfall near the cabin
i'm thinking i could enjoy the nw with such warm days

Sunday, April 5, 2009

shoe tree

a shout out goes to spencer in telling me about this needed stop on my travels

next time i'll add a pair

Friday, April 3, 2009

life on the rural road

signs of a classy hotel
this tree stump wasn't moved in the middle of the parking lot.

the higher end place

it had a workout room, pool, hot tub & free breakfast
life as me.