Friday, July 31, 2009

catch up

so a wow...two weeks ago i went to the utah
in preparation for the favorite to be married,
jaimie went through the temple the jordan river was beautiful
and it was special to be there with my whole family

next we joined the family reunion crew
at snowbird...
it was gorgeous
and we were all grateful
our family is currently full of adults
we don't have to wait in hot lines for a slide we don't HAVE to go on
it was pretty chillaxing later we joined the rest of the crew
for grub-n-good laughs
here's roger embarrassing susie
it happens...
funny stories and i even heard that my great grandpa was a horse whisperer
before he became a drunk,
as one relative said,
what a group of great people that rose above
genetics and culture of alcoholism
it was great to see relatives that i don't talk to or see that often
i think we're quite fun and funny
then onto night festivities:
shooting the tube

say no to crack!

water pressure at the tube is so much better in july
than in sept!
it was a quick trip
but so nice to see so many i love!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

portland night ride

howling at the moon on a nighttime adventure like no other...
pretty accurate

the start was after 9 p.m. under the broadway bridge

there was a full jammin' drum line with flaggers with lighted flags...
how could one not be so excited?
costumes were encouraged

we crossed the bridge with glownecklaces and lights demanding passage on the roadways
mississippi was slowing down from their daily festivities
and the club scene was starting to bump

the 5 naked guys on unicycles definately spiced up the ride
when they passed us going the opposite way of traffic
as for me,
i was trying to keep up with this guy in my pink pony shirt
if you know or own a pony shirt
you're aware that not just anyone can be part of the gang
but with neon green running shorts
over his riding shorts
he was pretty irresistable
i on the other hand was peddling my heart out
and sweating under that blue wig

stops for popcorn and unimpressive bike clips started the first rest
but my rest #2 they got their act together
and provided a "candy land" tent
a via 1970s dance party
and professional hula hoop dancers with nothing other than
lighted hola hoops...
they were impressive

fun night to fancy the portland
bringing my regular camera would have been too smart
luckily cell phones are decently awesome

Monday, July 13, 2009

laurie's rockin' blues b-day

when the blues festival lands on your birthday
it will be a good year
cheers to you laurie!

portland is growing on me

voodoo visit

spencer flew in for a case
but yet,
couldn't visit p-town
w/o an adequate visit to voodoo doughnuts

we decided to aim bad feelings with the pretzel pin
more explicit photos not shown

hopefully none of you felt such pains last monday night...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of july recap

i learned not to drive to the coast on a holiday weekend
but found a primitive place to camp then woke up to a fun filled 4th!
sea kayaking depoe bayteam players:
chelseadaveruss with the lovely rosyand yours truly

pretty dang excellent
finished the excursion by eating at the sea hag

then i was off to the molalla buckaroo rodeo
if that ain't american
i don't know what is

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

make new friends but keep the old

one is silver and the other gold... so my good friend fm high school, steph, came to visit me
a little over a week ago
it was a ball...
it's nice to be with old friends
who remember how you are
have i changed through the years? sure thing
but when you get back together
it's like ol' times

we went to the beach....

took her to bagby

two peas in a pod

it was a superb
i stayed up too late
gossiped like good ol' times
caught up and played hard
who's next to visit?

Friday, July 3, 2009

in case you were wondering

i know some of you may wonder how to run/win a marathon
let me explain...
first you need to recieve the prep package
thank you danielle

next you need to have a runner photo above your bed
this ensures that your mind will imagine running throughout the night
lucky for me this is even a sticker

next be ready with a sweatband of your favorite color
obviously my favorite color is orange
also follow up with chafing neon x-large running shorts
when you train in these
they prep your legs for chafing on race day
and use body glide on race day
i didn't i had to get lubed up
at a medic station during the race
that woman with a popsicle stick
with of who knows what
she was my angel of mercy
new fancy socks
although on the day before the race
i got talked into the double lining sock
that was supposed to NOT give blisters
i'm a convert... borrow your sister's ipod
(thanks favorite!)
or if you're like the rest of the world
use your ipod for good beats
and to remind you that hip hop music is righteousget used to foreign objects on your shoes
in the race they track your time with this
hello 1984!

with all these helpful hints you can win

like me...

don't be jealous
just go run your own marathon!