Friday, April 23, 2010

ginger brew to the rescue!

well so much for having a productive friday at work
i ended up getting sick and am hoping
this will just be a 24 hr virus
i feel like if you have a sick day
you should at least be able to watch movies,
read books, eat a little...
but nope it's 5:30 at night
and i missed a beautiful sunny day
that i got to see from the window of my bedroom
what fun is that?
i do have to thank amanda
for introducing me to ginger brew though
back when i lived in moab
and thank kait for getting me some today
normally i have a back up bottle in the frig
but no luck today
i was out
this strong ginger ale
normally helps so since i've been drinking it
and have successfully had
no mad dashes to the bathroom
not all of us can cure stomach whoas
by picking a lemon in our new backyard
and mix it with honey and water
and be cured.
i'm jealous.
all i've got is a lawn that needs to be mowed.
wish me luck.
i SO didn't want this for a friday/weekend!
not fun.

1 comment:

Juli said...

So sorry! Maybe you can use this time to plan your next adventure. xoxo