Wednesday, October 6, 2010

happy birthday mom!

marsha, marsha, marsha...if you know my mother
you probably love her
i have yet to met many that aren't
charmed by her
my dad's sweet on herjaimie and wolfgange love her
wolfgang even gets nutella from her
way more than i ever have
(ok maybe she's sweet on him) i'm quite fond of her
she's up for new things
or can make something normal funny
can make fun out of most things
may have a great dress up boxloves to stalk
or "inquire" about potential crushes
her daughters have had through the years
on the internet with her best friend
these two can find out almost anything
i've learned not to give last names she's entertaining
especially when scared by birds
loves her family
and is even visiting her dad today
i wish i was with them today!
happy birthday mom!
love and miss you!


Maggie said...

Thanks, I was born to be your mom. Love you.

Jaimie said...

Ok, you win on the pictures. Some of these I've never seen!

glenna said...

Oh I love these photos of my special sister! Thanks for being you. I love you.

The Good Report said...

Yep, count me as one who is totally charmed by her. You're so lucky to have a mom like Marsha. Lucky, lucky, lucky.