Thursday, October 21, 2010

a lil' elba in my life

so my dear friend elba
came to visit
and couldn't have picked a better
fall weekend
it was beautiful all weekend long! when a good friend
comes in town
you never know what may happen
i submitted to putting...
o.k her putting eyeliner on me
and curled my hair
friday night we had a delightful time
at happy hour at the portland city grill
with an amazing view of the city lights
saturday we went to the farmer's market
then walked to the burnside bridge
for the saturday market
after posing by my nickname
given by elba... doodles
we also were agile women
for jumping up on posts
it was like our own version
of extreme walking...kind of
at the market elba bought me dangly earrings
yeah i don't really wear dangly earrings
but i do like them
and wore them every day after receiving them
she loves oregon!
especially portland town!
then we went to the temple
then to bagby hot springs...
we didn't take enough pictures
jill and russ joined in the late night adventure!
sunday was the duo of church and food
laughs and talks
i was done up again
curls, eyeliner and the pencil skirt
that i haven't dared to wear yet
she wore the outfit she wouldn't dare wear at home
needless to say
i got compliments all day long
on how nice i looked
one person even told elba
she should move to portland
just to be my stylist...
monday was up the tram...
short hike
my favorite gift shop
and back to the airport
i think she'll be back soon.
very soon!


Jaimie said...

HAHAH! to be your personal stylist, classic. You looked good though!!

Ben and Jenny said...

You don't like dangling earrings...hmmm...I recall you wearing some very dangling earrings back in 5th grade. I remember plastic $ bills, geckos..etc:)

Dezi & Brock said...

What kind of friend puts Jessie Dudley in a pencil skirt and eyeliner??! WOW!! Who is this girl?! Haha, j/k JEss. You're beautiful every day!