Thursday, November 4, 2010

president obama visits portland

i was there...
waiting in line...
to see the president of the united states
so it was almost 2 weeks ago
but i'm trying to catch up! we all said the pledge together
the gal from the band
pink martini
sang the national anthem
and we all were singing along
by the end
the d's
showed off their peeps
kitz is now our new governor
after a tight race
then we got to hear from
our president
i have to admit...
my tears were a little misty
when he came out
he spoke about
the right things take time
and they're worth the time
and sacrifice
like women's and civil rights
i told myself i can stay
in social work longer
emily and i enjoyed ourselves!
our first political rally
sporting our blue
i rode my bike to the convention center
then back home
i felt like a portlander
and the night skyline
continues to enchant me here

1 comment:

Angela said...

How cool! The closest I got to him recently was his interview on the Daily Show. :)