Friday, April 30, 2010

neti pot this...

do you know what this is?
easy... it's my larynx with vocal folds
and you can see down into my trachea
otherwise known as awesome...
here is my soon to be graduated speech pathologist then i got my hearing test
results: passed a look from the soundless room to my examiner
scary animals that light up to help involve small children
but it does remind me of something,
some tv how from the past
but i don't remember which one...
any help?

part of day one of reno

went on my own jet plane

to reno.
the sun shines here
i've already laughed multiple times
a ride in a red bug will always make one happy
good times ahead...
stay posted.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a good day ahead

my water heater is finally fixed
after about a week...
today i was not chilled after 5-7 minutes
it's going to be a great day
let the steam continue!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

springtime in the oregon

walking to and fro
using your feet to get to work
definately has it's perks
when one thing stops blooming
another thing starts...
quite magical
in this way
here in the oregon
not bad for a cell phone camera

Saturday, April 24, 2010

new day, new belly

i feel SO much better today

one thing i learned
while being laid up all day yesterday is
my mice foes not friends are still around
it looked like they left
and the neighbor's cats did their job
but i could hear them
in walls
running about

dirty little...

Friday, April 23, 2010

ginger brew to the rescue!

well so much for having a productive friday at work
i ended up getting sick and am hoping
this will just be a 24 hr virus
i feel like if you have a sick day
you should at least be able to watch movies,
read books, eat a little...
but nope it's 5:30 at night
and i missed a beautiful sunny day
that i got to see from the window of my bedroom
what fun is that?
i do have to thank amanda
for introducing me to ginger brew though
back when i lived in moab
and thank kait for getting me some today
normally i have a back up bottle in the frig
but no luck today
i was out
this strong ginger ale
normally helps so since i've been drinking it
and have successfully had
no mad dashes to the bathroom
not all of us can cure stomach whoas
by picking a lemon in our new backyard
and mix it with honey and water
and be cured.
i'm jealous.
all i've got is a lawn that needs to be mowed.
wish me luck.
i SO didn't want this for a friday/weekend!
not fun.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

leaving on a jet plane... not me

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin' it's early morn
The taxi's waitin' he's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could die

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

There's so many times I've let you down
So many times I've played around
I tell you now, they don't mean a thing
Every place I go, I'll think of you
Every song I sing, I'll sing for you
When I come back, I'll bring your wedding ring

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time let me kiss you
Close your eyes I'll be on my way
Dream about the days to come
When I won't have to leave alone
About the times, I won't have to say

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh baby, I hate to go

Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

(p.s. it also is the only song i can play
all the way through on the guitar)

Monday, April 19, 2010

final installment... 3: lil' hikes

to the jetty near one of the batteriescoffenbury lake
taking it all in

rain don't stop us

Sunday, April 18, 2010

installment 2

fort stevens beach:
i secretly would love a lil' old toyota
like my dad's
yes we're allowed to drive on beaches here
the public owns our beaches
another reason
oregon rocks
the shipwreck!
we seemed to show up
at the same time...
high tide
and couldn't climb up...
it was rainy and super windy
still smiles
astoria column:
hot bangs i know
windy at the top
i wrecked our glider's back wing
before we got to the top
sad but it still flew
like a champ
ohhh so mysterious...
where the columbia meets the ocean
one of my fav places...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

fort stevens installment one: root beer challenge

when your friends unfortunately
can't make it from utah
plan b had to come into effect
with the weather dreadful
about everywhere from washington
to oregon to northern california
we opted for camping at the coast
to help cheer our spirits
we discovered a ridiculous amount of root beer
at the local gas station
the attendant was surprise of just root beer
but we decided to take the challengedidn't look suspicious at all
with two brown paper bags

the line up

intense competition

deep thought and time
went towards making this hard decision
but these were the winners in order...
buckin' root beer from jackson hole
topped the chart...
also it was the source of many jokes later
i recommend you look for it when you're in wyoming
or that antler filled town

Friday, April 16, 2010


there are some things
that branding does matter

as observed by this morning breakfast
the knock off brand of my multi-grain cheerios
isn't working.
even mixed with the real stuff
isn't working

i tried
but it's not making it.

other must have brands are:
heinz ketchup
reduce fat wheat thins
brianna's red wine vinaigrette
reef flip flops
st ives collagen elastin facial moisturizer
and probably a few others

Monday, April 12, 2010

goonies side trip

participating posers:
wanna be abercrombie model va-voo!why yes those are highlights...
(he just moved to so. cali...obviously)la virgen de guatalupe
(not a self given title)remember the skull key
and how the rock lined up with the skull? i just liked this tree
would have liked it better
with no people in the background...
it looks like a sign for adversity or something...
a lil' truffle shuffle
doesn't hurt anyone...
group o' posers
(thanks be to david for the majority of good pictures)
another fun time...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

camping at silver falls

furlough days
have turned out to be very enjoyable...good company+ waterfalls+ cheezy grins+ sun +moss covered branches
=good three day weekends

Monday, April 5, 2010

table rock... playing catch up

i know i'm a slacking blogger so
i'll try to catch up...
hike to table rock in the gorge
dwarf participants:
happy pouty
not really...just likes pictures
looking to the top of where we're going
stunning even before the top
boulder field... still better than mt. timp ANY DAY
we took the heart break ridge trail
notice broken heart
please don't notice crazy bangs
looking from atop
mt. hood across the way
gorge to the east
valley below
gorge to the west
very exposed rock
happy and pouty
mt raineer and helens (i'm pretty sure)
for those of you not seeing green in the spring...
come to oregon
or washington we're actually in washington
pouty is really actually happy
but doesn't show it till on top of the mt
happy continues...
shrooms are facinating
to be seen on the way down
greasy spoon as a nice reward...
i should work for toyota...
missing in action/causality along the way-
my beloved green paddy pullover gets lost along the way.
rest in peace