Sunday, August 26, 2007

falling apart

on the subway trip i felt a strange looseness coming about on my chacos
then before i knew it
the exposed strap from the bottom had broken and it was coming undone...

i was having such a good time in the subway i didn't want to worry pete with the new knowledge of the disintegrating straps and because it began to sprinkle we had to boggie to be safe for a little bit....

i decided after the last repel to tell pete so he wouldn't think i was being a slow poke on purpose this was the sight of my chaco after the hike out.

it was honestly a sad day. i have a lot of great memories in these chacos i bought 5 years ago before going to australia. for a while i even resisted the switch from my sturdy old tevas. i have yet to throw them away and there will be a memorial blog for them to come.
stay tuned.


Juli said...

Apparently I need to post the picture I took of my favorite birkenstocks years ago so I could feel okay about throwing them away when my heel was touching the ground-- I still haven't thrown them away.

jess said...

you need to make an ode to your birks and then write a nice post about them, i plan on doing the same it will then give place for a proper burial... but can't you repair birks?