Saturday, July 12, 2008

i just became american again

dang it! so i´m sweating here on a computer in Chetumal Mexico and can totally smell myself, which is not pleasant. the poor lad that has to sit by me on the bus i guess has it worse. i just became an impatient american again. i´ve been doing so good singing bob marley´s¨every littal ting gonna be all right¨ ...but i thought there´d be a bus every hour but i have to wait for 3 hours to start my last leg of the longer bus rides. needless to say... the trek from Guatemala City has been...well...LONG. not 25 hours straight long but still long.

after a delightful but short time with the Bawden´s in Guate, we dropped off Annika and Amanda to the airport and made our way to one of the bus terminals. so... i probably should have taken the advice of Hermano Bawden to take the direct bus to Flores but i was a lil anxious just to get going. bus travel is not quite on time always and i wanted a guarentee (i can´t spell anymore) that i can get to mx and quickly, so i decided to take the no-direct bus which i still thought was going to go the same way my friends and i came down from flores BUT... I was wrong. Fuente del Norte seems luxurious enough to have a whole seat to yourself but it became like the other chicken buses only a few hours into the 12 hour trip. so on the bright side i saw more of guatemala, including a peek of rio dulce which we decided not to go to.

i made many lil friends along the way, including a kid from japan who´s Spanish wasn´t the best so we found a hostel in flores together. i continue to meet kind and gently chipenes (sp?) o tezcos that are more than kind in helping me practice my Spanish. i think i´m more interesting now that i´m by myself and the only gringa on the bus, but hands down i´ll never beat the cute blondes who were asked outside a mall in guate if they lived in hollywood and were models :)

anyways onto playa to spend 2 nights before the flight out.

AND may i just say i could spend days on a belizian bus. it´s such a weird switch to hear english and have such a diversity in central america but i´m secretly in love that in both bus rides there, there´s a strange love for 80´s (and early 90´s) hits and i... slightly shamefully knew every song that was played. it was a great flashback from cindy lauper to lady in red. it was just plain enjoyable with plenty of room even if you´re sharing a seat. i had to just sing along.

so time is getting short but i´m ready to come back and i´m itching to see my family, especially my lil sis. also since this is my 7th country my head is hurting to try to change money at the right rate.
more attractive pictures later when another computer functions better!


Michelle said...

Can I just say that I really like you?

Jaimie said...

aw, too kind.

xo Abbs said...

my beloved cousin.
bob marley is amazing.

Ben & Jenny said...


Glad to see what you have been up to. I haven't seen you since Robins wedding. Hope things are going great with you. Robin and I both have blogs if you want to see what we have been up to. Robins is and mine is