Tuesday, July 1, 2008

caye caulker

the motto here is slow down, and i have and love it. i'm off the shore of belize and enjoying life. it's a great lil island with the warm breeze of the ocean and the crystal clear waters of the caribbean. i love the caribbean! there was rumors of a tropical storm but we've had a little rain but nothing bad so tomorrow we're off to go snorkel and hopefully see some manatees.

belize was a rainy mess as we rode the bus through the border to belize city. we then took a boat taxi out and it's been island blissful since minus the rain but when you're on an island you can't help but have a perm-a-grin and let your shoulders relax. especially when you kick butt at uno like i do. pretty enjoyable.


Mona said...

I've been to that very island and loved every minute of it!

hilary said...

You rock! I am glad you are having such a great time...you deserve it!! But, when do you plan on rejoining reality?

jess said...

crazy naomi!

hilary-i'm thinking around the 11th, i'm going to be waiting till just a day or two before hand to buy my tickets since most tickets drop. i'll let you know when i do. will you email me your phone #