Thursday, May 27, 2010

arden & tori's wedding

utah day two:
morning of bagels and close friends

early afternoon:
(my basically brother)
arden and tori's wedding/sealing
at the new oquirrh mountain temple

just beautiful, lovely
and exciting!
arden has such a kind beautiful wife

carolyn (arden's mom) and i
she looked stellar as well...
getting my own shot
his family

wedding dinner down in p-town
memories of college rushed back
in the break between the dinner and reception
mom, dad and i took a lil tour of our own of campus
all the buildings are now built
unlike the years i was there
when there was always a new hole on campus
mom being artistic
blow away hair
was nice to be with mom & dad
laughs at a relatives house
and great stories to hear
always a guarantee at rod & sue's

1 comment:

Jaimie said...

awww I miss the fam (all of you). Dad looks kinda old in that picture, don't tell him I said that. Can't wait to see you soon! I'm also jealous that you were around the Dudleys, they are a riot.