Sunday, May 23, 2010

on the road to k falls

on my those that you that don't know...
a great offer at pilot gas stations...

after my meeting they had
their "third thursday"
k falls people even join in zamba in the streets...
who knew they had a market for boutique shops
i love all i can afford is a card on sale
i did find these cute cups at an antique store
but it was a want...
not a need
i am attracted to turquoise
right now though

i did find a great thrift store
and got a shirt
i realized once again that
my favorite clothes
have been good hand-me-downs
for quite a few years

then on the drive back

another way home...
seemed like a good idea
the light snow magically dusted the trees
it was so beautiful...
until the white out...
then a new road

with good old retro signs

and a sign that made me think of karen
i want the little one on the right
to be her logo...

1 comment:

Sparklebot said...

Wow. Looks like you traveled back through time. Tots jealous.