Monday, August 11, 2008

i don't hear too well

so in my adventures in babysitting... or pseudo nannying over the weekend juli & patrick went out to the grape festival (which i could have sworn they said the greek festival). it was confusing to hear juli talk about italians and spaghetti when talking about the festival when i was envisioning baklava and kabobs. anyways i got to babysit with the help of breia and kj. after dinner, i was hoping to gently persuade simon to sleep but found myself praying by the swinger for him to stop crying and go to sleep. motherhood and nannying bring you closer to God.

i came prepared to share lars & the real girl for everyone to appreciate. so breia, kj, & i started the movie and since it was round two for me in two days for the movie i promptly feel asleep as i did the night before. as the good pseudo nanny that i am, i didn't wake up until juli & patrick were about to go to bed and breia & kj had already left. so anyone that would like to sign up for my services, please let me know. i may be able to sleep through all of your children's cries, fire alarms or people coming in and out of the house.

i unfortunately had this problem as a young teen babysitting my little sister, but i thought i grew out of it. obviously not. with my sister my parents had gone out for the evening and left their key to the house inside so when they returned they pounded on my windows and walls but i didn't even stir. they eventually went to a neighbor's to get a key since i couldn't be wakened.

so feel comfort in letting me watch your children :)
i do fill up cups with ice well for parties though


Smash said...

I don't remember you being such a dead sleeper.

jess said...

uh do you remember me giving you $20 so cluck's car wouldn't get towed and not remember doing it at all the next morning? do you still owe me for that??? :)

Juli said...

You are so cute. This picture definitely makes me smile!