Thursday, August 21, 2008

worn out

my life for the past few weeks:
lil children wearing me out
(i wore them out a little as well)
reuniting with ash
after she has successfully completed her RN *whoot woo!
wearing inge & bassie out
(o.k. & myself)
ward camp out
midnight full moon hike
staying up till 3 a.m.
wearing myself out (what's my age again?)

kickin it with grandpa in vegas
after days of making jelly & today we went to the temple
and look FINALLY he's worn out. my mom told me if i worked him hard enough he'd take longer naps...
which hasn't been the case.

& i'm worn out from just a few hours of shopping trying to find a stupid shirt to go under my suit. why can't it happen like my darling $2.90 dress as seen above that i got at ann taylor loft (my first time going to the store)


schop7 said...

jessie you should have told me you were going to be in vegas, i would have tried to meet you... where do you live now anyways?

John and Angela said...

I liked the last picture of your grandpa asleep on the chair. So great! It reminds me of another similar picture/story you told once (ring any bells?)It was hilarious.