Monday, August 11, 2008

pseudo nanny

while being here in arkansas i wanted to prove to myself that i could possibly handle being a mom some day so i took it upon myself to become pseudo nanny.

things that i haven't done in a while or ever include: changing a diaper(cloth ones at that), holding a baby for an extended amount of time, rocking a baby/toddler, acting like a fool to make one or two kiddos happy, reading books, singing "the wise man built his house upon a rock," and other such activities.
juli tells me i'm patient, i think i could probably work on that more. i think mothers are quite incredible. they have very little sleep especially when their college friends keep them up talking nightly but don't get up early in the morning to help with the kids, they have hips of steel, and are extremely compassionate and PATIENT! juli's kids are really good but as i think of all my friends with babinos i'm just simply impressed.

cheers to you moms!


Douglass Family said...

So great to see you jess. Got your text message and never texted back. Sorry :) You are going to be a fantastic mom. Everyone always told me it would be different with my own and I never believed them. But I promise, it is so true! Hope to see you again soon. Keep me updated on the happenings!

Juli said...

I highly recommend your nannying services. What will we ever do without you?