Sunday, March 22, 2009

12 miles to make one happy

some people feel good when their house is really clean
some people feel good with a new pair of shoes
i feel good when i leave my housework at home
and escape to mother nature.
it's worth about every other thing i could have/should have done
like my taxes.

so if you don't know... i love hot water. love it.
hot springs are magical to me.
whether it's under a bridge in costa rica,
a frozen hike in spanish fork canyon,
tiki torches in a side canyon outside of ensenada mexico,
or a dirt road in idaho.
i will go there for hot water.
i like more undeveloped ones but either will do.
my eyes were opened in colorado of if it's "clothing optional"
my friend and i might be the only ones with clothing
and i don't care.

some places are smelly, sulfury, or herbal scented
others may have lil naked kids, to old men hiking out naked
but i love them.

so hot springs #2 here in oregon was bagby yesterday.
we were unsure about how snowed in the road would be to the trailhead.
after an abandoned toyota car that should've known to not go that far blocked our ability to pass. it ended up being 4.5 miles to the trailhead we later clocked.

snowshoes in hand we embarked. yes the trail was the road for those 4.5 miles
but it was beautiful as the clackmas (i think) river was at our left.
the river turned a forest green
as we drove up towards the place we would park.
i don't think i've ever seen water that shade of green.
i forgot to take a picture of it. in my memory now.

we met a slightly frozen salamander in the snow
that we returned to the dirt on our way up.
we passed a crew of 6 xc skiiers heading to the springs as well.
bagby has a volunteer crew that helps to clean up
and monitor the place b/c of past mishaps.

the water is channeled through logs to then fill up tree tubs that have been dug out or a big barrel that we called our own.
lucky for us in the whole joint there was just two other people there
so we had privacy and peace.
we plugged up the barrel and sat and waited.
the place was impressive of the work others have done
to make it enjoyable for everyone else.
made me grateful.

the hike back down was so much quicker,

that always amazes me
as does how better food tastes in the great outdoors.

so like i told another friend yesterday
i'll pass the same story to you.
mother nature whispered in my ear
that she wants you back
she hasn't seen you in a while
and misses your face.

maybe you should go visit her soon.
and if you need a guide,
i'm here for you.


Maggie said...

I'm jealous...of your good times and your writing. Thanks for sharing with us.hummm. we are off to the Grand Canyon this weekend.

Noel said...

I feel mother nature calling me. Thanks for the reminder Jessie.

Smash said...

I've never been to a hot springs location. It scares me. What if it burns me!?

Tim and Kirst said...

BEAUTIFUL! Do you know of any hot springs in UTah I can visit?

jess said...

smash- you add cold water if it's too hot just like the tub. i've never been in any that are too hot. just enjoyable. you lil' indoorsy you.

kirsten- spanish fork canyon. diamond fork campground area there. excellent and there is supposedly one near the capitol. when i tried i only met people without a home. then there's some near lehi but i'm not sure if they're developed around them now. check it out on line