Saturday, March 21, 2009

omsi scale

so i relieved memories going to a u2 digital (not to be confused with lazer) show last night
u2 reminds me of slow dances in high school
having a crush on a boy that liked drugs too much
but i'm happy is still alive today
that may be the trace of my first liking of men with longer or shaggy hair

u2 reminds me of 30-something women
who would give themselves to bono
at a drop of a hat
(i'm not included in this group)

u2 reminds me of singing it's a beautiful day!
when i was first on a mission for my church
and getting in trouble for singing "worldly" music

on a more sad note. while at the omsi i got on the scale
that represents how much you weigh on the earth, moon, venus and somewhere else.
let's just say i know i've been needing to get into shape
and have been trying

but this helped to seal the deal.
i didn't mind my weight anywhere other than earth.
reduce the big bootie and face the size of china campaign is back on
in full force.


Jaimie said...

I'm tellin ya, if you like work outs, let Jullian kick your trash. I think it's only like $8 on amazon.

Kaye and Jared said...

HEY Haven't chatted for a while!! Give me a call when you have a bit.