Saturday, July 31, 2010

for the record...

i'm not sold on this background
but it's what i'm using till
i find something i like
and that works

pictures of alaska to follow...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

made it

after some devoted helpful men
from my congregation
i got moved.

yesterday was madness...
seeing my supervisor for the last time
staying too long cleaning up a few files
waiting in a long line at comcast

only being able to wet my hair
and blow dry it
before my informational interview
because of earlier time extensions
put on power suit
called marilyn, friend/co-worker
to drive me to interview office
put on pointy-i-mean-business-

moving as much as i personally could
to my neighbor's garage
men showing up to move big stuff
get trailer
listen to u haul man
think i or dave have never put on a trailer
seeing sarah before i go
not returning her tape by accident
getting to west linn after 10:30 pm
having kirstin haul up
the bed & chest of drawers
realizing i didn't grab
the right bed frame
dragging everything else out of my car
setting up room
re-pack for alaska
finally showering about 3 am
took nap for 45 minutes
woke up
took the longer way
finding my friend laurie's house
to drop off her books
thule box making noise on freeway...
pulled over screw was falling off...
getting to megan's
leaving civi
walk to the max
get on max to airport
fly out of pdx at 7 am
maybe doing one last work thing...
emailing last work thing
from airport

meals consisted of: cheeze-its, one slice of pizza
and milk and coca-cola

now i'm done...
to follow
no schedule needed now
the sun is shinning for me in alaska
i'm happy kaye is running late
because i have no worries...
for now


so has my wallpaper disappeared off your screen?
well it has mine...
please let me know

AK flight 6 hours and counting...
i'll be so sleepy by the time i get there...
sorry kaye!

Friday, July 23, 2010

the line up

my father made the righteous decision
to come with me to alaska
he'll be arriving on the 3rd...
it's a way to welcome retirementi'll be anxious to see some beloved people:
first will be kaye and jared
and their cute kids
they might even be picking me up at the airport
with a trailer heading for the hills
i can't waitthen we'll be heading to soldotna
to see my aunt glenna and uncle michael then i also found out my 2nd cousin Amanda...
(sorry i don't have any old moab
photos on my computer)
and her hubby are living in AK for the summer
so we'll see them

and last but not least our friend, Ryan
who we met one snowy Christmas Eve
when he and i got stuck in Farmington, NM
and my dad picked 3 of us up
so we could get to our different destinations
for Christmas time.

Cheers to good times ahead.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

last day at work

clean up
and becoming clutter-free
is all around me

clearing out my desk
slimming down my household items

today is my last day at work
and it's my goal to be out of my home by monday

change happening NOW~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

AK or bust!

it's official...
tickets are booked
next tuesday
i'll be there!
i wouldn't mind seeing... and yes i'll be bringing my bear mace

Sunday, July 18, 2010

back in the saddle again

...of my mountain bike
and oh how good does it feel!
(especially with padded shorts)
yes i realized how out of shape am i!
huffing and puffing up hills...
pathetic i am
but i have some new partners in crime
to hit the trails with
i heart summer
may it not rain for many months

Friday, July 16, 2010

she's going the distance

she's going for speed...
i love my civic
she still gets 30-36 miles per gallon
so she just flipped...
so pray for her
i need her for quite awhile longer

Thursday, July 15, 2010

perfect evening for a bonfire

in my hope to keep balanced
the beach bonfire
ended up being the best weather
i've had on the oregon coast yet
good company
new friends
superbness all around
perfect lighting
darling women
cute sisters
got to love lewis

if you pose too much
with my camera
your shots get posted
even if you're off facebook
you know he wanted this on line

love her
can you tell they're in love?
to be married this weekend!
tom and jessica
smiling roomies: jesselah and jessi

rose, jessi, me, james
can't ask for a much better evening on the coast!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

other reasons to love oregon

shirt with oregon thrown up on it
(available at the tillamook cheese factory)you know you want one...other styling t-shirts to be found
at the cheese factorya picture says a 1,000 words
i'm tacky
buy meanother reason why
i've always said
i was born in the back
of a turnip truck
instead of a barn:you can find going green
activity books
in oregon
along with kiddy tick-tac-toe games
and stickers that used to be around
when i was a kidbald eagle chill along the bay of tillamook
in oregon i found my future wedding band
for 10 bucks at the tillamook cheese factory
see all reasons to love oregon

Sunday, July 11, 2010