Friday, July 2, 2010

who moved my cheese?

well my friends
wednesday i found out i getting laid off
i have till the end of july

changes are coming
and i'm at peace

luckily i paid for my lion king tickets
months ago
so from lyrics from going to the play last night
(more on that later)
i felt akin to the lyrics one of the songs...
"where the journey may lead me"
quite honestly i'm not sure
but i'm ready for the ride

i believe in times and seasons
where one door closes
another will open

as someone said to me yesterday
the universe seems to be saying you...
you're free
in a lot of aspects of you life

so i get to discover
i'm simplifying
and prioritizing all over again

cheers to new beginnings
a retreat backpacking this weekend!


Jaimie said...


glenna said...

I'm sure there is something wonderful ahead for you!

"the circle of life..."

(I'm singing it aloud for you)

Angela said...

So sorry to hear about your job:( But, something better will be ahead.

p.s. I think you should come to NZ on a work visa for a bit. Your career would likely be on a skill shortage list. Just sayin'

The Good Report said...

oh yeah, I'm rooting for NZ so I can continue to live vicariously. :)