Tuesday, February 17, 2009

gold beach and back

so this was a picture out my hotel room towards the ocean.... i know you can't see it but still. i love i'm still in the stage of my life that i'm afraid i might miss something so i have to keep my eyes open and seize opportunities. so i'm not a morning runner but if i'm on the beach, it's a must. this morning i ran on the black sands of gold beach and saw the pink being painted on the clouds this morning. ask me to run a morning in salem... not interested. unless it's saturday at 9-10 a.m. then maybe
the presentation went o.k. i think i need to continually work on engaging certain groups. ahh time will bring more experience.
then my coworker and i stopped in florence and ate on our way back tonight. one thing i love is eating real seafood on the coast. can't beat it.

although that was all nice the best part of tonight was being greeted by 3. yeah. name it 3 cards of kindness. i even shed a little tear. it added to my last weeks' nice lil' i'm thinking of you gifts from my mom and aunt. so thank you to those who care about me. you're simple acts make my day.


Maggie said...

Eating at Mo's, how fun is that! Good memories there. You are easy to love.

John and Angela said...

I love Oregon. You are so lucky to live there!