Wednesday, February 4, 2009

jan part 4- cheer up bike ride 4 me

my friend, taylor, appeased me in going bike riding a few saturdays ago. the goal was to see 3 covered bridges on our bike ride. it was part of a longer bike ride called the covered bridge (road bike) tour that they do sometime during the year.

bridge one...starting point at a park in stayton

leaving marion county heading into linn county

where we turned around... one mile left to the next bridge but it was quite a hill down which means quite a hill back up. since we had time restraints we did not proceed.

happy to turn around. aka i'm out of shape.

the hills that wore us out just getting up and down (on mtn. bikes) and my gears freezing up. not cool. i should learn to oil up before i go. preparation, hmmm... imagine that.

orderly fields

way to go taylor...after making it up the last big hill.

return to the last bridge by sunset. successful trip, smile to my face. i love to bike.


Jaimie said...

back in the day when I was just a splendid young fetus, didn't we live next to a bridge that looked like that?

Kaye and Jared said...

LOoks like fun!! Love the shorts and tights look!

Brad and Robin said...

I was born in Linn county :-). What an awesome bike ride!

Leslie said...

It's so beautiful!